Alparslan Season 2 In Urdu Subtitles

Alparslan Episode 31 Season 2 Urdu Subtitles

Alparslan Episode 31 Season 2 Urdu Subtitles

Alparslan Episode 31 (Season 2 Episode 4) English & Urdu Subtitles It won’t be very good when my father hears it. You know, brother, there is peace between us. Come on, we’ll talk about the rest when we get to the camp. It’s not just here. Alps! Prepare the horses! Lets.But remember water sleeps but the enemy does not sleep.Of course they will be prepared.As your command we have been setting up markets all over the world for years.

We will grow our trade,

Mr. But in the slightest confusion we have no power to protect these markets. The settlement agreement continues. We protect both the markets and the order with a peace agreement. We will continue to protect our markets with the text of peace, not with a compass.Mr. Barkın how many horses are there? As the Akca dervish said, do we not have enough Alps to protect our markets in such a war ?

There are many valiant, sir.

However, drill is not equal to battle. We are afraid that the henna will rust. We don’t rust in sheath nor die in the tent. Your Alps will always be ready. His drills will be tough his wrists will be of steel. Gentlemen. Not only Barkın Bey’s you too, gentlemen. Yours too. Because those who sweat a lot in peace the blood sheds less in war. You will not only prepare your privates you will also prepare your sisters.

If there is going to be a war as you

mentioned then we will be ready too. But now the settlement continues. But we will not be the ones to break the contract. Hey go Kaya Obasi. When the children left, we remained silent. But it’s almost time, my mother. When we send the goods to Bilecik we will follow you to the plateau, I hope. Did the kids really come back yet? No, I did not see.

If they had come, they would have heard.

Have you seen Aygul? They were hunting with Osman Bey they were late for the drill. The more I see my Orhan, my Alaeddin the fire in my heart increases. The longing of my Aktemur it hurts my heart, mother. Patience girl, patience. No news, Ayşe Hatun? Is it Dönmez yet? I’m Dönmez Bala. He informed me that there is still time. Donmez. All these years have passed we haven’t even seen his face.

Your test was very difficult too, sister

. God give patience. Amen if GOD lets. Amine.Who is it from? Orhan and Alaeddin? Hey mom. There is also a girl with them.They say that Ata’s destiny comes from his son. Has Orhan already hunted big game? either.Son are you okay? I’m fine mom. My son. What happened, are you okay?Who is our guest?Tell me, son. Weren’t you at training with your father?

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