Alparslan Season 2 In Urdu Subtitles

Alparslan Episode 34 Season 2 Urdu Subtitles

Alparslan Episode 34 Season 2 Urdu Subtitles

Alparslan Episode 34 (Season 2 Episode 7) in English & Urdu Subtitles Buta person who looks around even just one glance at himself indulges in a thousand and one sins again. Remember my sheikh grandfather If the Messenger of Allah said that the devils are bound, he is bound. Then what is it that causes these sins? Our nafs, my prince, is our soul .That; more cunning than the devil.

My sheikh How is the nafs tied?

How is it treated? I’ll hit the neck of all the infidels but I can’t hit the neck of my soul. The nature of each person the inclination is different. For example For someit is difficult to pray for some it is difficult to fast. While it is difficult for some to give zakat for some, going on an expedition gets bigger, and going on a pilgrimage is difficult. We’ll go back and look at ourselves first.

Except for the obligatory ones

We will perform voluntary prayers so that we can get rid of our nafs’ arrogance. After Ramadan we will increase the circumcision fasts so that we can get rid of our nafs lust. Now tell me? What is Muslim’s biggest war? It is a war with his soul. O Mashallah!Tekfur Basileus wants his daughter Holofira.Our Lord binds the devils in this month but it’s up to us to bind our souls.

So are you ready to fight with nafs?

Alhamdulillah sheikh. [Music player] Tell. Sir, Osman he found out about our secret route. Osman secret route? How could Osman know something that only you and I know? How? Can you tell me Simon? I don’t know sir, I don’t know. My soldiers, my weapons All gone. I will kill him. You cannot do anything. You can’t do anything or anything.

you can’t do anything Simon, nothing. Answer who? Tell me who.When will the new goods arrive. The new caravan is on its way. We’ll take it tonight. Hitch? That Turkish merchant. With my aide. Damn. That idiot must have betrayed us. Good. Thenyou must know who you have to kill before Osman now. Huh Simon? Shall we attack, sir? Simon!Whichever of these is more difficult for us we’ll be busy with it the most.

To whom, to what do you think

I am giving all this ammunition? Whereat? ha! in vain? We will not do anything openly. And nothing. Do you understand, Simon? Did you understand? Get out, Simon. Exit.Fools!Is there any Destur, sir? come on. My Bey, the man of the tekfur came from the other Hisar. [Tension sound] Let it come. I bring the greetings of Basileus, the Tekfur of Yarhisar.

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