Alparslan Season 2 In Urdu Subtitles

Alparslan Episode 38 Season 2 Urdu Subtitles

Alparslan Episode 38 Season 2 Urdu Subtitles

Alparslan Episode 38 (Season 2 Episode 11) in English & Urdu Subtitles Let Mr. Öktem let him know, we will come for a good issue. It’s your command, sir. son! Honey come on. We know the location of informal Osman’s headquarters. Without that headquarters, he can’t even step foot in Köprühisar. Nice, very nice. But you don’t seem very happy about that, Mr. Estağfurullah, is it okay not to be happy? We found Osman’s lair, of course, I’m glad, I’m glad, but… There is one more issue, my Valide Sultan. Osman will want a girl for his nephew. What do you want from us? You say right, you say right, my sultan, but… Osman Öktem’s daughter will ask for the Alçiçek chick. This marriage will also strengthen Osman inside.

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He will gather all the sizes to his side There is also Marmaracik of course… Did you worry about them, Bayındır? Or… I want the Alçiçek chick for myself, my sultan. Belli Osman will act rashly and ask for the girl! Let’s go first, let’s get the girl, my sultan! Affairs of the heart… Understood. Alçiçek is your lady, Valide Sultan said so. God bless you my sultan! Get up, get up Baydir, get up. Send word to the Olofs now. Describe the location of the headquarters thoroughly. Let them destroy that headquarters together with its contents. Osman too? An army without a commander is null and void, Bayindir. There will be no Osman, his army will disperse. Besides, I thought of a separate time for Osman. He and his beloved wife Malhun will be guests with me at night.

At that time, you will be a man engaged to Alçiçek. My Sultan, I will send Hussein to Olof, but… Olof does not reciprocate this. They set their eyes on Marmaracık, they will want it. Greedy miserable creatures! Don’t worry, they will get what they want. No, sir, is there something wrong before the conquest? No, not for the conquest of the castle. We go to the conquest of the heart. You make your preparations. We will ask Aktemur for Alçiçek. I am very happy, Aktemur, good luck. Ayşe Hatun, we released such a news without questioning you, but I’m sorry. Estağfurullah, whatever we say is useless. Had he lived during the day, he would have judged like you.

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be there. Let’s make our preparations. I said, I said, this is okay. Mother. Aktemur, good luck Don’t be like that, mother. Aktemur! How dare you do such a thing without consulting me and without my permission! You trampled me with this! How is that a word, mother? I love your eyes I also you- – No, go ask for sure. I’m not going to that house! Flourishing. He aspires to Alçiçek. I can’t live without it, mom. I had to. Or can I do such a thing without your permission? Don’t put me alone on a day like this. Aktemur, you say you can’t live without him Do you love this girl from Essah that much? What about him? Does he love you too? If he doesn’t like it, why should he run and let me know! She loves it as much as me! Will you come?

Boy I see your love but you know I don’t believe in that girl’s love.

A lover does not hurt the one he loves, Aktemur. Don’t you take my word for it, mother? I say Alçiçek loves me too. I see your love in your eyes. Come on mom, don’t put me alone on a day like this. You would say they had no intentions, Osman Bey would come to ask for Alçiçek. You won’t, will you, Öktem? I say Osman Bey, Osman Bey, a margrave! The gentleman who made Marmaracık our homeland! Mr. Osman! What will I say when it comes to my door? If Alçiçek has a heart, it is obvious. I said you won’t, Öktem! I will give it to you! – You will not! Öktem, I will not give my daughter to the waterworks. Those Kayılar took my guardianship. Episode 37


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