Alparslan Season 2 In Urdu Subtitles

Alparslan Season 2 Episode 40 Urdu Subtitles

Alparslan Season 2 Episode 40 Urdu Subtitles

Alparslan Season 2 Episode 40 With Best English and Urdu SubtitlesLet everyone Vasilius know go. And for the soldiers you say I want two chests of gold. on the moon. Orhan! My valiants. Mother. -My son. -My valiants! Thank god. Thank god. Oh thank goodness. are you okay? I’m fine mom. Are you okay, huh? You don’t have anything? Thank you sir. Masallah. Masallah. You take them all to the dungeon. on the moon. Thank you sir. Thank god.You will drink, Koses. It is for healing.

Is there any Destur, Mr. Barkın?

come on. Here you go guys. What brought you here? We are against taking Söğüt. If you try our alps will not spare you the pusats on your neck. I told you why am I doing this? But you didn’t understand. At that time I lied. Let me say the truth. Osman will die. The willow will be mine. It will be mine. Is there a Destur, sir? come on. Sorry. The master is waiting for you. Do n’t bury them without anyone seeing them. Selamun aleyküm. My loyalty.You should know that Islam puts one’s life before anything else.

And aleyküm Selam Akça. Here you go.

It’s for sahur, my Sheikh. It’s obvious, Akçam, that you didn’t come to leave a single sahur tray. Say what’s in your heart in your tongue Praise be to him. Bilecik castle. Do we have any information? The souls came and blew into our ears, my Sheikh. Osman Bey has won the victory with Bilecik castle, my Sheikh. Thank you to this victor. May you have a close interest with our guest, Koses, Akçam. Don’t miss a thing. And our guest may also benefit from the Holy Qur’an. If he wishes read the Qur’an next to him.

Thank you, Sheikh. Thanks. Is this the job, huh? Anyone who can’t control his anger is doomed to defeat. To be strong is to direct your anger towards your enemy. Not for yourself. This was the end. Be patient, Nikola. Be patient. Shall I be patient, Master Arius? All this time, besides being patient what else did I do? I am patient. Isn’t it time to get a reward for that patience ? Destroying the ammunition that Osman gathered to conquer Inegol will be a great reward for your patience, Nikola. I don’t want to wait a single moment.

I will not sleep without hurting Osman.

Then you won’t be sleep deprived much. Because our first task will be to destroy that headquarters. You asked for me, sir. What did Osman Bey do? He made Bilecik a home for the Turks! What did Osman Bey do? He cut off my tyrant’s arm! What did Osman Bey do? He saved his children! What did Osman Bey do? He opened the door of Bilecik to us. Allahu Akbar! Praise be to the Almighty Lord who gave us such a victory on this blessed night of Ramadan. Bilecik castle is the property of non-Turks.

Can we do sahur here too, sir? We will.

In many more properties together we will have both our sahur and our iftar. Hopefully. Bilecik castle by Allah’s leave forever is the property of Turks and Islam. The Turk’s banner will fly. And the voice of our prayers will never be silenced. We will have our iftar and sahur in this land. guardians. Braves. The road is tough. But you didn’t hesitate. You exist. You have always been with us. And you made the conquest even easier. Babes. You have always stood behind me. You may exist.

We want to run from conquest to conquest.

You won’t stop. As long as we can breathe we will always dream of something beyond. I hope sir. We will raise our children with this dream. Hopefully. Our destination is İnegöl. This Friday we will stand in front of the walls of İnegöl together. And I hope we will open our iftar in İnegöl. It is a time of conquest. Bilecik castle is the property of the Turks. But you never forget. We are custodians. The property belongs only to Allah. We fight for him we conquer for him. Until there is no place where the word of God does not reach.  Sheikh Edibala while you are fasting like this drinking this soup will not suit me I guess. Episode 39


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