Barbarossa Season 1 In Urdu Subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 1 In English & Urdu subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 1 In English & Urdu subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 1 In English & Urdu subtitles they want to see him. There is no Osman Bey, let’s talk to Malhun Hatun, please The Emperor Android Osman Bey asked us to convey his best wishes, Osman Bey is entrusted when he arrives, I will hand him over. We can understand what was wrong with the emperor of that time who found and brought him safely Ala Attin Alaattin Alaattin You tried to take it away from me No weak person will be able to take it away from me is not a son I embraced it but I couldn’t keep my promise I ‘ll set up the game I’ll see your brain now I put you in those shrouds I wrap myself up,

I don’t cry like that Batur has been martyred,

crying is not good for us, crying is not good for us, there is no crying There is revenge. There is revenge, but do you have the enthusiasm to call Osman to account ? If you’re looking for a criminal, I’m here, hat, I sent him to the border, I sent him to the task, open your eyes, you still trust Osman, see the truth now, here’s the truth, Osman is not going to do business with a pendulum, it will happen to us, they didn’t mind your horses, Turgut has gone and will stand in front of our vengeance They want to put their life on it, Ökten Bey, they are looking forward to your skin. We have no fear of life, it is clear in my place,

it is clear in my country, it is clear to me If you have freedom,

let me die, not you, it’s not a war of the heart. This is not a war of the heart. Can’t you see, they’re scumbags? Are we criminals to be put from the sky, Bey, he will not succumb to your anger , I say we have a martyr Is this the place to talk, chick bro, it’s not good Let the gentleman know it like this, don’t be parents, let’s do our last duty to my uncle, peoples like that These will not be enough with my brother, they will open up more problems for us. Your girls worked well, my darling, they brought the map of , they are keeping it here they are cowards.

We will burn the whole city [ Music]

we’ll put a few to sleep You’re the three greatest lines I’ve ever had what’s going on skip us say you come It’s our turn I’ll stand there if we want Archers Bunny wall [Applause] [ Music] I love you and your intelligence the most my darling Do you smell my hand too my brother live shut the doors with nonsense ] they run away let’s go Oh my god, what’s going on Jesus Christ protect us all Oh little one don’t be afraid I’m with you don’t stay on the street catch the moon Run run run Alaattin Beyaz Do you have a valiant son,

do you have a valiant boy? I caused the horses

You wrote and saved us from the trap Come on dad, the horses, everybody knows their duty , ran away with the captives and the man in their head, they sent our rights to catch them. z I hope they escaped but they still jumped two people in. You look for two people, a woman and a man, her face was covered, it is difficult to find her, but the man is injured I stabbed her in the shoulder, Ayşe what do you do Fatih tell me how to get here Did you leave a trace on Erkan too stupid I won’t let you break your game, you can’t kill me no one Marta Leo Master I said no one, welcome to Mart Mazlum chick,

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