Barbarossa Season 1 In Urdu Subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 10 In English & Urdu subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 10 In English & Urdu subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 10 In English & Urdu subtitles let him take the flag, you go to Karacahisar. We will follow the tracks . Sir! These are the traces, Osman! Don’t worry, Mr. Orhan won’t let the unbelievers out. Come on! We need to inspect the chests. Open the chests. Open the chests! These chests will not be opened. I can’t take you into the city without looking at all the boxes, Alps. They won’t open the chests. Open the boxes. Stop. They are a gift for Osman Bey . I’m Osman Bey, Bala Hatun So, Leo’s sister, what’s your name? Please excuse my audacity It was obvious from your clothes that you were an important person, but I didn’t know who you are.

My name is Marta Marta It’s not important,

the gifts are very nice Marta Leo’s shop is over there. Marta is my beautiful sister. You met my brother Bala. Thank you for the gifts Marta, but master Leo didn’t tell you anything, Osman Bey. Doesn’t accept gifts from merchants Gives whatever it is. If you say so, so be it Bala Hatun Well, then you’re welcome Welcome, Bala Bala Hatun Osman Bey, you met his only love Marta, you will meet Phrygian when you die Remove it Do you think you will live apart from this?

If I wanted to, I’d cut your head off right now.

I’ll cut it off, but death won’t be easy for you. Son of Osman, you’re already dead, I’m the devil that ripped you apart, his ancestor has come! Tell me it would be your turn after your son! I can take it forward, My Yettik Orhan! Baysungur! My brother, you will be fine, my lion, O Allah! Get up! Do you think what you do will stay with you! Why did you raid the village? You killed the innocent You stole the collected gold We punished you Remove it Orhan! Orhan! My son, we’ve had enough, son! We’ve had enough, Orhan! Olof The Turks are coming I was waiting for them Let them come and see the slaughter they caused

Let them hold on, my Orhan, hold on! My son, when we bury our martyrs,

you will go under the ground! Look at me, even the land is forbidden to you without paying the price for what you have done! The land is worthy of Valhala for you helpless people. You tried to kill my son. I avoided my sight in silk swaddling clothes. You will die in pain! There is no turning back at your death gate, you will all die! Whoever touches us, my child, will pay a great price for this! You touch my Orhan, my son, you I… So you broke my son’s fingers, I’ll cut yours too!

You will never be able to hold a pusat again,

nor will you touch an innocent . Shout… Shout! In my lands, only the innocent make their voices. No one will hear the voice of degenerate people like you. Scream as much as you want . There will be no one to hear you. What happened here, Mr. Ökten? My Alps Batur Be on the alert! My Alps Have you come to take revenge? If you’re the one who did this to my Alps, I’ve come to take your life! Did you order these carcasses to raid the village? What a vicious dog! I said, did you give the order? Then there is nothing we can do, we will act poor pusata Ökten Bey! Don’t let it be, taking a pusat without taking orders is to reap yourself first! My command is the tears of the mothers of these martyrs,

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