Barbarossa Season 1 In Urdu Subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 13 In English & Urdu subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 13 In English & Urdu subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 13 In English & Urdu subtitles but I would embrace him as a son, but I did not realize that you have become a man like a mountain of iron. Gayem is to be a son worthy of Osman Bey. The important thing is to be worthy of Allah. The important thing is to be a servant worthy of Allah. My chest gets tight Alçiçek there is still no news I can’t stay here! Mr. Ökten, you are welcome. Where is Batur, is he outside? – Hatun , why do you leave us unaware until this time! Hatun… My valiant is hungry, is it easy now? Hold on, I’ll call. There is no chick Batur,

she will not come No,

your mouth will not be opened for good Hatun- – Don’t say it! Batur was martyred. We could n’t get his body. But we will. We will. Where is my brother, Ökten Bey! I will bring you I’ll bring the chick, little patience! Didn’t you get it! – Girl! Didn’t you get it! – I’ll bring it. Did you leave it in the hands of those bastards! Why do you carry this pusat! Is there a destur, sir? – Come, Hüseyin, come on, come on. So tell me, tell me what you saw and heard, Hussein, suddenly, he raided the farm, sir, and they killed the people in the village in the guise of an alp .

 Do n’t tell anyone until you understand their purpose in this raid.

Let’s keep track of those dogs Let it be open Of course, when the time comes, we will tell what we know. But that time is not the time. Osman did not reach his goal, my darling, the messengers he sent to the Emperor are no more. They must have thought about how an angel of death was so beautiful when they were killing them. I will pay for every drop of Saga’s blood I will take. He was sending this as evidence to the

Emperor Saga’s Saga Osman came just as he was going to kill Orhan.

We lost all of our men, Dan? From! Where is he? It’s in Osman’s hands So, it means Osman is in hand. Phrygian is in Osman’s hand. Go to Yenişehir immediately and wait for news from me. You will hurt Osman. Let’s see what’s going on in Karacahisar. I will grow up, my lord. Also, I will help the poor with his thesis. I will do what I see from my father as my duty. Son, we came to this world for a test, we came to fight with the devil, But most of your servants don’t know this. And those who attack you are the devil. We don’t know how they attack, But this does not prevent us from defeating him Because

the devil has no victory against the friends of Allah Orhan

This land is full of these devils We As we grow, the enemy will multiply, of course. But they will all be crushed first, God, if the trouble grows, we will count in our place. We will fight, inshallah, mother! Mashallah, you have the power to deal with this, there is, Orhan, come on! You can eat your clothes and let your ancestor rest when the time comes. Come on, Osman, do you know why he went to Constantinople? Our troubles are beyond our heads, Mr. Bayındır! What do you think? And I say she was the one who brought it up to us. Bengi chick attacked the Emperor.

Our Osman Bey went to look after him. Well, obviously, when he said I was going to protect him, he stepped on someone’s tail. Those dogs also came and hurt us.

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