Barbarossa Season 1 In Urdu Subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 14 In English & Urdu subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 14 In English & Urdu subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 14 In English & Urdu subtitles There are martyrs . Thank you. Thank you Ana, not a single bite has passed in your mouth. Let them just stop us If it wasn’t Osman, we wouldn’t be offended If it wasn’t Turgut, we wouldn’t have put our martyrs there. Would he have our martyrs left in the hands of the unbelievers and call himself lord, Turgut! I want my brother Ökten Bey Know me in my brother’s empty grave until he comes Tomorrow morning, I will both take our martyrs and take our revenge. they are Batur’s too, they watched this event,

when they saw the massacre, they wanted to prevent it

But they martyred them. After they died, they blamed it on themselves. The snakes started after they took care of the Emperor. It seems that they want to make a game and draw us into the war To weaken us with the Emperor There is someone they keep secret, Osman Bey. before you arrive at Ökten r will go crazy. The fire of revenge burns in his liver. Their intentions are clear. We are on a thin rope. If it breaks, then we will find ourselves breaking on the battlefield. But we will not allow this.

First we will find out who is behind it.

Öktem will remain behind that veil of secrecy. We will lift that veil and root out them! Let the informal operation begin. This is my brother Boran, I am Cerkutay, I am not a sword, guys! I’m not going to beat you. I ‘m a giant wave that will destroy you Look, these wounds are always open and they always smell O mashallah Now we will salt you well so that you don’t smell like this . Are you going to scare the man who has crossed the giant seas with salt? I’m going to scrape your head off and stretch a camel skin.

I will talk You opened the doors to them, come on, admit it,

let your death be fast We and the Turks save the Emperor, the Turks are gone, now we are here and you princess want to eliminate us who prevented the coup You wanted to kill the Emperor, didn’t you? Are you accusing me of trying to kill my father? So you were the one who will take the throne after the Emperor’s death. But you failed. You will pay for your disrespect Soldiers! Princess Ofelia, I always have my secret weapon and secrets. But I am as pure as the day I was created against you .

Get up. But I’m not one to kill his father either. I’m always at your service,

princess Ofelia. And who is this? Princess Ofelia Princess Ofelia What’s going on here? The interrogation continues. We are looking for the traitors of Kantakouzenos. What did he tell you? He told that the Emperor wanted to be killed. But he didn’t know who did it. Did he also tell you how he put the traitors in the arena? Did Sentahor tell you what he was doing while stationed? He didn’t tell Arena, what happened under his responsibility,

Prince Kantakouzenos, let him go now! We have nothing more to learn from these, But obviously there are others we need to question! These things are dirty and bloody. Don’t worry, I’ll catch them all and punish them. Prince Kantakouzenos Orhan is alive and Dan is captured by Osman. The cloud of fog rises I’ve thought of every possibility, I’ve won in all probability.

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