Barbarossa Episode 14 In Urdu Subtitles (Bolum 14)

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Barbarossa Episode 14 In Urdu Subtitles (Bolum 14)

Barbarossa Episode 14 In Urdu Subtitles (Bolum 14) It will be the Emperor’s. If you do not change your mind, I will personally go to Constantinople and return here with the emperor’s army . Let’s get out of here with beauty. I will never, never go with you. Otherwise, you should have known that I would not stand where I was afraid . commemorate and even commemorate from every city from every tribe . It will be a good fight for those friendly hearts. Nickel is drawn. The road is crossed. If the right permits, we will arrive in Konya for a friend of ours in the near future .

It’s obvious that he’s up to treason again. Other My Bey,

Barbarossa Episode 14 In Urdu Subtitles (Bolum 14) Inegol bellmen used to roam the square . You should. O Lord, grant us to take the revenge of our brothers who were martyred for this cause, our My God. Let me take my brother Boran from the hands of the unbelievers . Amen, my Lord. Amine We’re going to get our brother. Seljuk Vizier Alem Shah arrives. Welcome to Kayi’s estate, Vizier Alem Shah. The gaze of this is not eye to eye. Kayı is a fruit bearing tree. Aha, this also came to throw stones.

The main man has just arrived. Why do you think so?

His gaze reminded me of Saadettin Kubay. There is treason like him. I’m a human money changer, girl. I know the hand and the traitor from beyond. Osman Bey, I came to close another era. Your time to act on your own is over. Let him be full, His Majesty the Vizier. You forbade the trade with the Tekfurs to the Turkmen tribes. Then you went and made a deal with the governor of Iznik. Whom did you ask? From whom would I get permission for the good of the Turkmen? Osman Bey, from Konya. from Konya. Is there a free state in Konya that I can get permission from?

Smoke everywhere Where is here? This is Uhud. heart fire.

Uhud pain, Uhud tears. The war started. The Almighty knows, he saw his dream Look There It has no shield. With his two swords, he cuts down those who come in front of him. The master of the martyrs is fighting so hard that the hearts of the polytheists tremble, Barbarossa Episode 14 In Urdu Subtitles (Bolum 14) O Allah Gee Gee Oh Oh There is somebody over there There is somebody over there. A spear in his hand. Wild Don’t be wild Don’t Don’t, even you will regret it. Don’t, Wild Hidden behind a rock, emptiness watches. Greetings go. Thanks. My Sheikh, do you have any thoughts? Arriving in Konya,

it is necessary to see Sultan Mesut first because of his friend.

It’s your command, sir. He deftly parried every word I said. He has already chosen his side. Arrive at Tez Koses. May he accompany Edebalı on the way to Konya . Edebalı should not reach Konya, Onur. Sultan Mesut must not know about our move. Brother. Brother. Trap Trap Trap Mr. Osman Bad dog Why would you kill Boran? Is your goal to kill the bait? Or will Osman try every way to save him? Vizier Alem Shah. Do you want him to die too?

The Turks are inexhaustible, Nikola. But it is necessary

Barbarossa Episode 14 In Urdu Subtitles (Bolum 14) to crush the sprouts. Capture or kill. It’s up to your skill. What about Boran? When Osman comes to pick up Boran, he will meet someone else. And then with the traps of your soldiers. Vizier Alem Shah. I am very happy that our goals are common. I will trap Osman.

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