Barbarossa Season 1 In Urdu Subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 18 In English & Urdu subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 18 In English & Urdu subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 18 In English & Urdu subtitles your intention is to break us . Now we will take our martyrs. Come and get it Osman, come and get it! We have already taken our martyrs. Ya Hayy! The mystery was solved, the road appeared Yenişehir gets mixed up, gets very mixed up, gets mixed up! Where do you go? The road has appeared! Yenişehir is calling us! We will go to Yenişehir! Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raciun Amin Your blood will not stay on the ground, brothers and sisters , it is forbidden for us to breathe until the time of revenge comes! Behave alps. It doesn’t taste like salt, it’s like straw Ah ah, where are you Cerkutay, are you hungry?

Yoo, what a salt girl, it doesn’t taste like this, Mom,

what will happen to me? I have no taste in my mouth! Of course, because Cerkutay doesn’t exist. Oh Cerkutay, when you’re away, this mansion has no salt. Have you seen Ülgen Alaattin? I didn’t see it, Bala chick, good luck, God, where is this kid? Dursun Fakıha has gone – He had to come by now, Bala! honey! Bala Our Martyrs are with us. First of all, as if Allah Osman Bey did not give me a reason for war, the last thing you will hear will be the wall of the apocalypse! But it is you, Alps, who will fear the Day of Judgment!

Bala chick, what happened, who attacked you?

They took Mr. Alaattin . What! – We couldn’t catch up, son! Get the Alps to the hospital quickly, come on! Close all the doors of Bacılar Yenişehir No one will leave! – Lets! Alps! Bring me a trace of my son! I will not be involved in a war that has started, but I will start the war But it will be your last chance, the court will be established, the truth will be revealed Blood is not cleaned with blood Blood is cleaned with blood Osman Kan is cleaned with blood! Good time!

Your court will be established on the battlefield.

My gift is entrusted to you, take care of it, I will deliver it to its owner, sir Bala chick is the order, close the doors as soon as possible! Alaattin, where are you baby? Where are you son? Aladdin! I’m Alaattin! I will shoot you with your puss! My ax is like a grandchild’s hammer. Those who don’t deserve it can’t carry it. Mr. Osman! stop!

I’m here on behalf of the emperor You’re fighting the wrong enemy I don’t know who you’re dealing with, but you won’t leave here empty handed Let me tell you , the pusat that comes out like the sky wouldn’t enter without a red one!

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