Barbarossa Season 1 In Urdu Subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 20 In English & Urdu subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 20 In English & Urdu subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 20 In English & Urdu subtitles let us have a face that will look at the face of your Messenger in the apocalypse. Amen Amin Ya Rabbi Destur! Mr. Osman. Selamunaleyküm – And alaikum Salam Here you are, the naive gathering at the time of the other issue has been left behind. The age is new, and the order will be new. We will not be able to raise pusat when the time comes it is important It is adjacent to Kefereye and it is in a dominant place next to Marmaracik What is the importance of Marmaracik, my lord, the gate of Fütuhat is Marmaracık One foot of Konstantinye falters, we will start the conquests before they revolt Osman does not stop,

he will not stop even now r may be in preparation for war

We need to act immediately before we make another move There is no way for now I will agree with Osman Kantakouzenos Rome is not ruled by fear The Papacy is ready to support us If we want, we can form a crusader unit and crush our enemies. Forgetting what happened is only the work of fools. Do you expect me to trust those Catholics? what a difference! Be brave, Emperor, will you be afraid of the Catholics and deal with the Turks? If we don’t go they will come – Enough!

Are you questioning the emperor’s courage, know your place Kantakouzenos

If I’m going to fight those in hell, I won’t take this war to heaven. I want to destroy them before they reach our door. I ‘m always behind you, with your permission, I’m behind you because… Mr. Orhan , it’s time to test what you know with experience. Karacahisar Castle is under your authority. Give your principality its due. Your order is yours, my lord, Alaattin Bey Dursun, you can continue your education with the fak. As you see fit, the duty of chief of Yenişehir is yours. Aktemur Your entrustment is my trust, my Bey. We will establish a big market in Turkey.

Traders will come from around. There will be those who will come from beyond the sea.

That’s why we will all have a lot of duty. Turkmen need trade, sir, let’s pile up our goods . It is the gold obtained from Gaza. This is the governor’s council, not the state treasury. You should distribute it to the poor and the poor. Thanks to you, everyone is in need. They will come at us from the other side, if we do not flourish like a plane tree among them, then we will be under this rubble. Do not be intimidated by our absence or the abundance of the enemy,

this is such a big plane tree that day by day the oppressed rest in its shadow.

If we do not march on it, then the shadow of the oppressor will fall on us. Good luck with your duties, everyone. It is an important event The news comes from Compass Konur Those who want to dethrone the Emperor in Constantinople have taken action. The Emperor’s presence on the throne will benefit our conquests. Get ready, we will go to Constantinople, my lads. Mashallah to my son Mashallah Mashallah to my brother Ee Alaattin, what is your duty?

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