Barbarossa Episode 20 In Urdu & English Subtitles

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Barbarossa Episode 20 In Urdu & English Subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 20 In Urdu & English Subtitles Malhun. Come on. Come on Malhun. The Alps left their mark. Yasarlar Mahlun. they live. I hope we get closer, my Osman. Mashallah my valiants. Masallah. Lets. I didn’t realize it when I first came, your tribe is quite small. Small. Osman Bey’s oba is quite magnificent. It’s in order compared to yours. Oh, you Byzantines. Straight to the point, Mari. What did you come to say? We want this bloody enmity between us to leave its place to an agreement that will please all of us, Mr. Turgut. My brother wants to trade with you. So you and your little tribe will win, too. Does he want to be friends with us after so much blood has been spilled?

I suggest you forget the past and start again stronger ,

Mr. Turgut. It’s my fallen alps that you say forget because it’s past . I don’t forget. But the state of my obama is also known. Remember, it is not an obstacle to trade. Barbarossa Episode 20 In Urdu & English Subtitles But you know my conditions will be heavy. Let’s talk about these when you decide, Mr. Turgut. I await your decision with excitement. Now with your permission. Mr. Turgut. Here you go. I almost forgot. For you. Please. I thought it would suit a gentleman like you . Thanks Mari.

Barbarossa Episode 20 In Urdu & English Subtitles

What did he want, sir? Koses want to trade. What do you say, sir? Is it possible to do business with Kefer? Osman Bey has long gone from politics. What are we missing? Sir, sir. Where are you sir? Where are you? Break up guys, disperse. Mister! Mister! Thank you Lord! Mister! Thank you Lord! Alps! Mister! Mister! Thank you very much sir! You’re all right, Aygul. Thank God. Are you okay sir? I am good. Thank you so much for getting it. You are good. Be well, nothing will happen to us, sir. I already told you, nothing will happen to you. -Aygul. -Sir. Malhun Hatun are you okay? I’m fine, Goktug.

Who knows how you mowed that Anselmo dog.

Where is Gencebay? Sir, your horses are waiting for us there. But my lord, you have a lot of kaman. are you okay? I am good. I am good. The fate of the puss they stole to us is only to be atrophied. Thank goodness we are fine. Mashallah sir. Then let’s go to the horses. Thank you sir. Take a good look, bro. Ok bro. Don’t worry bro. Brother, get down. Brother. Tie them tight next time. It would spill and be wasted. Rashir. Lets. Lets. Let the Alps stop. You ride your horses in the wrong direction. We will arrive in Iznik.

Barbarossa Episode 20 In Urdu & English Subtitles

which arouse the kuffar from the dream of destroying us, until they are within reach. It’s your command, sir. Lets! Mashallah, he has a good appetite. Mashallah to my lion. Barbarossa Episode 20 In Urdu & English Subtitles Your mind belongs to Osman Bey, right? My heart tightens. No matter what I did. No, think no, my daughter. Come on, don’t let Orhan catch a cold. Go inside. Lets. After all, where is this oil from? It comes from Karailyas. I know the oil there very well. It’s pretty good. What is this? It doesn’t look like the oil out there at all.

I guess the crop didn’t turn out very well this year.

Sevcan Hatun, not all are the same. That’s how it turned out this year. Good time then. Calculate the value accordingly. -Come easy. -Thanks. Lets. I was very close this time. I was so close, it was in my hands. It was in my hands! Then again! He escaped again! It was in my palm! If it’s in my palm then you will crush it like a fly. Like a fly! Where will you run to, Osman Bey? To where? To where? This land is my land.

This mountain is my mountain. These cities are my cities

. These castles are my castles, mine! These cities are my cities! I am Caesar’s son! Hey Nikola! You are mine too, Osman Bey! You are mine too. Do you know what to do with you? I’m going to cut off your hands, feet, fingers like this. I’ll put you in a cage with the wolves and jackals you love so much . I’ll make them eat you little like this. But that would be a weak ending for you, Osman Bey. That would be a weak ending for you. Do you know what to do with you? I’m going to hold you like this and put you by the head on the back of my horse.