Barbarossa Season 1 In Urdu Subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 22 In English & Urdu subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 22 In English & Urdu subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 22 In English & Urdu subtitles give me your most skillful alp, so that I can show you how to ride a horse with that saddle you don’t like, and how it can be reared. There is no need, my daughter, is there permission, Malhun chick, you should follow me. There is a big tree coming out of Oba . Now it’s time to show your skill Kayı alpi Let him say your name before he gets you in the dust I want to know who I will beat Gündüz bey’s son Aktemur Thank you Aktemur bey Come on! Lets!

Mashallah very well suited to my daughter See you Malhun chick

I beat the alpine with that saddle you don’t like I see I see Alpine I see Alflower of course Mashallah you are a true rider But you don’t even see the wound of the horse that will become your toy The reason why Aktemur is left behind is his mercy The horse becomes an alpine wing in battle What happens if that wing is broken? ola chicks Konstantinye Gardaş would you like to have the adhan recited here Inshallah, there will be more wishes than that, what is Gaza for ? You have come, my lord,

Eyvallah Hane is ready, welcome to

Constantinople from this side Osman Eh be, why is your mother’s anger? My mother takes her anger out on Malhun’s wife, daddy, he went from the tent to the mansion, Malhun can’t be beaten, he berated me in front of my own people in my own camp. What did he share? Our goods are defective. What is wrong with our goods? No fault for those who want to find fault, sir! The leather of the saddles is not well developed and it hurts the animals. My Beyim Batur came with the Alps and Bayındır.

Here they come. Let them come, Hatun. Look ,

Osman Bey cares very much about this market and the goods that will go to the market. If he says he is next to Makli, I can understand him, but I don’t understand what deyu sends him. If you’d stopped, I’d be at their head. But you can take care of it like your own land, Osman Bey, take it and send it that way. If he said hang, there is something he sensed, you must be on the alert, It ‘s your order, my lord, he will line up the alps and I will go out in the morning Hey my valiant guardian will do his duty in the best way Let him tell you,

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