Barbarossa Season 2 In Urdu Subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 25 In English & Urdu subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 25 In English & Urdu subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 25 In English & Urdu subtitles Which caravan will come to this dilapidated place and it will be a competition. Don’t die, donkey, don’t die. The husband has established the bazaar, who will come to this remote place, who will buy all these goods. He has not sent a messenger across the sea. Mr. Ökten, I do not bring chicken or wait for geese to this market. Don’t worry about these, my sister. Now it’s time to go, Osman Bey gave the order, in the name of Ökten Bey, we have the protection of the Makli border, other than that. Get out! Soldiers, get out!

How did you know what would happen, Osman Bey?

What we know doesn’t matter. We’ll go after what we don’t know. Why would you do this for me? Why do you want me to stay on the throne? Wouldn’t it be better for you to have an inexperienced person on the throne, Kantakouzenos, daughter Ofelia or someone from the dynasty. You have a friend like me I’m grateful. But why when you can quietly kill in my bed- First they would want you to surrender your crown A dead emperor only brings chaos now

Whose eye was on your throne

If you compromise your power then there will be many who have eyes on your throne But if you are strong no one will dare Power is trade… What do you mean? The caravan coming from Emperor China to Constantinople will pass through Yenişehir. I will set up a big market here. They will buy the Turkmen’s goods. But I will have my say in this trade. I accept that the goods of the Turks are in demand in my city, but they are cheaper than you sell to everyone. Also, the protection of the caravans will belong to you.

It is difficult, but don’t worry,

I will have the importance of the caravans. We made a good alliance, Osman Bey. But we need to find the enemy, Sentaor, who is that pawn who gave him this power! We will find it together Whoever did this, Sentaor has emerged. Now he’s after a new alliance. Odin asked us for our souls and we gave it away. Now it’s our turn to take it… We were born from the same mother as Frodi, but now I have not one but three siblings, Sega? Where is Sega? Kantakouzenos is coming!

Let him come I know why he came A gift for you I said slow!

I am still the commander of this city. You will respect me, you hear? You will respect me! Who are you? I said who are you! I brought you death The eyes of the dead are so beautiful… A gift from my goddess to you We saved your life Kantakouzenos We saved the new emperor of Rome Centaur whose puppet were you? Damn who did this! What the Sentaor saw was obviously going to burn someone. Had he spoken, I would have had a target!

Now I’m going to burn the whole city down! Yoo emperor,

you will be calm. We will overcome this together. How Osman Bey shook my throne at the feast! My prisoner was killed in my dungeon! Who will I trust? You will trust those who are with you while you are doing what you say. We will be by your side Andro Nikos We will not feed you to those jackals I am grateful for what you have done, Osman Bey. But take care, my Alps will be around the palace for precaution. I also know that a Turk called Osman spoiled his moves.

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