Barbarossa Season 1 In Urdu Subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 27 In English & Urdu subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 27 In English & Urdu subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 27 In English & Urdu subtitles we are yours. Say hello to Odin. My little brother But I swear to you, if Odin turns his back on me for revenge, I will walk with the demons! I will not stop until a thousand blood has been spilled! The enemy is different, their weapons are different and new, but I will exterminate them! Welcome, Osman, you say, gentlemen, Alps, why does the one who conquers the Alps fall ? Our shame, my lord, our shame We didn’t trust you, we did not trust you, we regret the game that was set up with Turgut.

No place is achieved with those who do not believe in those who go ,

Conquest cannot be made with those who do not obey Bey’s orders. If anyone doubts Gökbörü one more time, let the sky come out, let the red come out Osman Bey This is the end, we are not satisfied with your decision It was a lesson, Osman Bey, Turgut Bey, you should give your rights Halal, of course, it should not be repeated Do not slander the wolf from you in front of the jackals A misfortune is better than a thousand advice But it is not possible by forgiving,

let the one who has the heart stay with us, if there is one who is not enough,

let it stay away. I have heard many stories in this land. most Osm He was telling how An when he was a young man turned into a great gentleman who everyone listens to. Few of them are the heroism of the tekfurs But every story has an end And Osman’s ends here If Osman ends, the Turks will end too Osman chose this place for his headquarters, Commander Romanos A wide open, closed to attack. place Do you know what he said to me? If you want to ambush a wolf, you have to be smarter. Osman will be here soon. Is his grave ready? – Ready. I prepared a great trap for them.

Come on brothers, it’s a day of gas. God is right, we will hold on until Osman Bey comes,

Inshallah, are the brave men studying in İnegöl ready? they are deployed partly, thank you h Boran – Beyim Close all roads No caravan will go to Yenişehir Order is my master Let the alps be stationed here You should draw the tent here too – It’s your order, sir , who is this brother, you don’t know other than me, my master is from Konya Balaban I came here with the ambassador, I did not return, I stood on the way to the right, my master Thank you, our door is open to everyone whose heart beats with us Welcome – Thank you, sir, let’s take a look around Let’s make sure that the place we stand is sound Let ‘s go Bismillah Come on, wait,

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