Barbarossa Season 1 In Urdu Subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 28 In English & Urdu subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 28 In English & Urdu subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 28 In English & Urdu subtitles old people Where to go? Let me take that infidel neck with my sword and see who it is . And this place will always be Roman. Devil’s tail, you will die first Then good God – It’s right God God protect them Alps Shield Build a wall – Let it stand Let it endure alps Hang on ! We came to support you for your war against the Turks. We brought supplies for the people, and medicines for the doctors. We’ve come a long way, we’re out of strength But if you want,

let’s get off, then, are the soldiers the guests we expect from Iznik Yes sir,

is this how you treat those who help you, are you treating those who help you like this Come on, let the cars in Let’s get in – You’re right, my commander, you’re welcome – Let them pass. We are grateful, commander You Kumral Abdal Boran Allahu Akbar Romanos Will we be held captive at the hands of Romanos Kuffar? Like the amulet of Hazrat Yusuf, the dungeon will be happy for you. But this heart is not in the dungeon. But this heart is not in the dungeon. It wants to die in the way of my Lord. The chain of the kuffar is not enough for us. I don’t show much courtesy Take these to the horses

If you are fighting with the wolf, you will fight to the death

Where do you run off by pinching your tail You Turks are many, Come We have lost our way, but we will be martyred in the right way, Eşhedü- You fought to the death Soldiers, come on, we have many martyrs, sir, they knew the way of Boran Gaza, but this way is the way of martyrdom But to the one who took our breath away breathe h My dear Musa, you marched to martyrdom for this cause, we will take Alps Yenişehir The names of those who fell to the ground will be remembered in that city

Let’s do our last duty Open the door, Commander Romanos is coming Good luck,

be careful Close the doors, I don’t want any holes, increase the guards The Turks are coming, I will grave them this castle Come on, Romanos Osman escaped from the hands of the brain. Let’s see how he escaped from all the traps. It was good. Things will get complicated, we will find out what happens when Aygül comes, what happens, what happens Ahval is not good – What happens, where are the blacksmiths? What will we do now ? hey and his alps will always be in our hearts Romanos and those behind him were crowded Osman Bey They could have made a pass,

but the lions said the battle May their place be in heaven, brave ones.

They burned our hearts, and we will burn them with that fire. Now we will not stop until we make Yenişehir a province As you said, women have infiltrated Yenişehir . First, we will say with words, if they do not hear, then they will hear the voice of our pusats. Alps now go to our future city from the hill of martyrs, let’s go to our future city from the hill of martyrs, let’s Romanos know that the Brown Abdals have infiltrated in the castle,

now we will be more cautious. The honey that my late mother Selcan put on her tongue showed its effect years later. But the ingenuity is not mine. She left it to Priest Hristo after Auburn Abdal. Well, now we will save her again with the map she found.

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