Barbarossa Season 1 In Urdu Subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 3 In English & Urdu subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 3 In English & Urdu subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 3 In English & Urdu subtitles we stand behind you, look at what you did, then the word is over, Aktan Bey, it’s your fault, stationary tractor I don’t know about these, those who slandered us have already set up the game Turgut Bey The Court will decide other than that , I hid the gold while I was on the night watch, sir . You have been working for so many years by saying that you brought it on the map of the dungeon, huh ? Sir, I couldn’t see him, now I will repay you for the services you gave to leo [Applause] university do you hear you or not,

is it true that I went to him, is it true my brother? my brave son,

there is no need for this, he will meet his guardian soon You’re here to stop me. You wouldn’t say, would you, mother, or stop Mr. Orhan, what are these words come Malhun chick Orhan Bey respectfully I greet you Welcome, Mr. Osman will be here soon. You can wait in the reception room. He wo n’t be able to come anyway. What do you mean, of course, what is the debt of his visit? Don’t worry little man, I hope your father will return safely with your brother brother Nevzat son brother Welcome Osman Bey You are the welcome guest

I am very glad that you found and brought your son Safely

They ambushed us , not because I or ol’ came, you saved the Emperor It all started after that If it all started like that, I ‘ll finish it. That’s exactly why I’m here , I want frik and ophelia to get the end she deserves she feliha there is the throne there is neither you nor here Shouldn’t you be with the emperor I’m a servant of Rome I’m a servant of Rome justice is as important as taste, while our justice stands, they will covet the Roman and his justice golds are out of Ökten’s brain gang. But the perpetrator is from us. Tomorrow night I will personally punish him with my own hands.

After I have his sentence in front of my eyes,

the rest is not important Then see you tomorrow Good luck Mr. Boran, everyone should invite you to the sofa Don’t say “Come on” you’re with me again I will avenge the ottomans. Mall of has already taken this revenge for us. Revenge will not end with the death of Osman, from now on, every Turk I will kill will enter the grave without fingers Do you think they will have a grave We will feast on the ravens We lost What we lost What we lost They set traps

I’ll take it with my own hands of give me one more chance

we’ll take it with his army How will he stay Since Elephant will die as a traitor, the hour will be a cousin in the camp The army of vengeance will be ours you are safe here have you seen my father serkis why you are running away they did something to my father and whoever did this is trying to blame me what we’ve been through The reason is because of the duties given by Osman Bey. not six Flowers , you know what caused it, why did it come down? It’s not time to think about me Do you need to see a healer It’s not him The dagger will stay with me,

I wo n’t decide for you, now you get angry and stab my heart or something What are you laughing Come on Al flower come on Subaşı leave my hand You say right I’m afraid I’m afraid of seven heifers

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