Barbarossa Episode 32 With Urdu Subtitles

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Barbarossa Episode 32 With Urdu Subtitles

Barbaroslar Season 1 Episode 1 In Urdu Subtitles Mubitv

Barbarossa Episode 32 With Urdu Subtitles Thank you very much, O Lord. He stabbed the Sultan in the back. He tried to kill her. And then he ran away. What? His brother is no longer spared. If it falls into my hands, please do not stand in front of me. I’ll take your life wherever I see it. What you have to do is to be a gentleman worthy of your tribe. It is to give justice to the principality. Osman. Find him and bring him safely to my presence. His Excellency Sultan Mesut Osman tried to kill you. He killed Commander Temugai and fled. We are looking for Osman, we will kill him when we find him.

Osman will not die! I will personally ask him what he did! Find it and bring it.

Osman will die. And he will come to his death on his own feet. How is Selcan Hatun? He is not well, my vizier, his wound is quite deep. What does Osman do when his mother is on her deathbed, Konur? Of course he will come to see his mother. Keep your eyes on the lodge. It is your command, my vizier. O Hello Lord. I will never fear the snare of the oppressor or the hypocrisy of the hypocrite . I always rely on you, I always rely on your Selam. O Lord O Lord! Grant me and my generation to spread the word and the sentence to the world.

Barbarossa Episode 32 With Urdu Subtitles

I have walked for the cause of the divine word-tullah! O… O King, O Lord, who is Kerim! Protect us from all the evils, big and small, that come before us for the cause of the order of the world … O Barbarossa Episode 32 With Urdu Subtitles  Grant me your name so that I can spread the banner of Islam to the whole world! O Lord, I have a life and it is a sacrifice for your path, O Lord! You, who knows hearts, give me this power to break down the walls that come before me.

Grant me this generation to make this magnificent state dominate the world

Amen O Lord! Amen… How did you cope, Mr. Bamsi? You buried your brothers like me. Give me advice, especially Bamsi brain double pusats. Bamsi Bey also suffered all the pains I suffered. You witnessed it all. Tell me how it was handled. Just say it! Or did you give him this power? Give it to me too. Just say it. What will I do now? Vote… Vote… Just say it. Just say it! One of my brothers was martyred, the other’s mind must go away from me. What will I do now? What happens to me, what happens to me, what happens to me! Oy… It’s up to me to be as resilient as Bamsi Bey. It’s up to you to reap them all with these pusats! And bye! Ha pusats… I’ll cut them all down… Brother.

By God, I now understand your reputation that I heard.

We are on the run, miserable . You swear revenge. My lord’s dreams are worth the sky. It’s not about behaving to the pusata, brother. The matter is in the heart. The thing is believing. But it is not enough to believe in such a headline, you have to make believe. My lord made us believe . My lord encouraged us. What about you? I’ve come a long way from the Caucasus. I fell behind Osman Bey, I am one of the believers, brother. If you’ve lost a sibling, you’ve gained a sibling.

Hey mashallah to my brothers, mashallah.

Vizier Alemshah! Vizier Alemshah! I have important news, Nikola! What news is unimportant that you are going to give? We played such a big trick on Osman in Konya that he is now a traitor who took the life of Sultan Mesut. How did this happen? That’s my secret. We are now rid of Osman forever! is that so? Osman no longer has a head on his body, right? Not yet… Osman somehow managed to escape from the palace. To hell with it! How could this be! How can you miss it when you have succeeded in pinning such a great crime on you! This is truly a disappointment Vizier Alemshah! An even bigger disappointment Nikola!

Barbarossa Episode 32 With Urdu Subtitles

I should have killed him before Kosses went to Constantinople! It’s done, Nikola, there’s no benefit in spitting. But in the end, you will not hide your defeats, just as you do not hide your own victories . You will not hide it so that the thorns that you think you have pulled out of our way will not sting at our feet. Besides, you don’t have to worry about Osman. Seljuk soldiers will catch him soon. His head doesn’t stay long on his body. Then I promise I will catch Kosses with these hands and kill him, promise.

I don’t trust you, Nikola, you do what you say.

Tomorrow, samples of the goods we will bring to the market will arrive here. I’ll show you them early in the morning. That’s why I’m a guest in your castle tonight, Nikola. I’d be honored. Osman… Osman. Say to my Osman, say that your mother is pleased with you. Always be one on the path of the state that Osman dreamed of . I hope you will see those days together. Don’t say that, I hope we’ll see it all together. My dear daughter. Barbarossa Episode 32 With Urdu Subtitles My Osman sees and sees that splendid state dream.