Barbarossa Season 2 In Urdu Subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 33 Urdu subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 33 Urdu subtitles

Barbarossa Season 2 Episode 33 In English & Urdu subtitles I’m Alaattin, oh mashallah, mashallah, what about you, I’m Orhan, I would like to fight alongside you, I would like to stand behind you with my compass, my father, my children, so you want to be upright next to each other, just like your Kultigin and Bilge Kagan hey mashallah to my braves, hey mashallah, now listen to me carefully, sons, the state is a bird with two wings, one of the wings is pusat and the other is knowledge and wisdom,

but if one of these wings is not present, then this bird cannot fly,

how can a flightless bird rule the world, how can it do justice to the world, sons? you are the wing, the state will live with you You will live with the family, my lions, I came. I won’t cry, but now the sun will rise again, Gündüz Gündüz, we will have another son. Another son from you that is heirloom to me, but how happy were you when you found out that I was pregnant with the longing Aktemur without you. My Ayşe, you said that you were blind, I could n’t reach you I couldn’t reach you during the day I couldn’t reach you during the day Don’t think that I will revolt or not, I do n’t, you made İnegöl our homeland and you became a martyr.

She has a fever. I will come to every path with you Osman Bey. My beautiful lady, as long as my house is behind me, nothing will decrease my acumen, Alhamdulillah, I pray to God that our children will be brave and cautious like you.

Your acumen will pass to them and the sentence you call

the state will spread to the world, but who can stand against a mother like you Mashallah mashallah Osman Bey saw his dream in this camp Now he will add conquests to his conquests It will not add anything to the lords to stand back from the gas Fütuhat will continue so that the principality will grow Conquest is the lifeblood of the Turks Drink and drink so that the Turk will grow up Osman will establish a brain The state sentence will be the hope of the Turkmen .

It is an honor for the Çobanoğlu to shoulder his ideal.

Since you are so thirsty for the conquest, you will stay with Osman Bey. I used to get impatient, but time passes quickly You see, you are on the back of the head, I hope my brother, I hope my parents will come, Ana, are you left to carry them? but tomorrow they will be here inshallah Come on inshallah I have prepared their work, the reunion is near, I hope they will come, thank God. Well, you said goodbye to your students, and we left the professorship behind.

Now I am an ambassador

who will convey the relics of Sultan Alaattin to Osman Bey.  The pen has arrived, and the state is close. Brothers and sisters are kept with the knowledge obtained by the pusat. We will make a move according to this greatness. There will be no cruelty and injustice in these lands where the Islamic banner flutters You are welcome You are welcome Osman Bey

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