Barbarossa Season 1 In Urdu Subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 5 In English & Urdu subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 5 In English & Urdu subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 5 In English & Urdu subtitles I’m scared when I look at Beyoğlu Aktemur eyes during the day Alçiçek But you’re scared too. Aha, you can’t even say my name. They took lessons as if they kidnapped my child in my city will you teach me Or you Will you give me the torches on this road that we’ve changed what won’t work is still at work everywhere You will keep searching and you will come out from honor There is a compass I will go to constantina They want to poison the emperor and throw him on that sacrifice We will know who to trust after we get that fate I am that Taurus man alone with the brown idiot

I’m going to heal the emperor while I take that fate, you can come out.

water head Aktemur was on duty in the brain’s plain, I’m the only guilty of the escape of the work, but here’s how much your child will escape. I’m sorry you showed a stance, I put you in a difficult situation I should have been cautious How did he have a word When the enemy attacks from behind, can I take my precautions? Come on, my Orhan, come I’ll take care of your sister my brother how do you look my brother I’m fine brother Let me be attacked Let me also end up with you

when death is on my neck, this resentment bro,

there is no resentment between us, brother, simply, what is your hand, brother, how is your hand They attack to kill you, even the enemy does not count me to capture me you won’t separate you won’t separate it so it won’t happen again It happens Time goes by how quickly it was small and it became a big man Orhan and I both died and should you have lost Honey When I think about it, my heart feels like it’s going to explode What if I couldn’t catch up with my child or if I were the one who put my child in the grave today Aladdin When you see the bloody [ __ ] of ” God, I can’t live with the garden, I said I will die,

I wanted to shout about the world” I wanted to push, I could n’t shout,

I didn’t call, I did not call, I hid the pain in my heart behind my puss and fell like that My son Our children’s test started before they were on the mountain. We are not only the soldiers who will die for Osman Bey’s daughter We are the mothers of the state that will be established in the sky Even if our hearts burn, first the Sky State four cause comes, then our children, our motherhood is such that we sacrifice a thousand children for the sake of this state.

to our intentions that they shoulder each other and stand like a mountain and

we will say each other this time and I will take care of their children What if I blame them, as soon as there is a loss of love liver That’s good too but I can listen too [ __ ] Who doesn’t say that, but Bon appetit has much more peace I mean cerkutay We ‘ll go out with Hayla I say we’ll go out zerkutay bro I don’t hear what you say, you do n’t hear, we go brother Good luck brother Come on, brother, come on his ears have become deaf Alaattin my valiant my son who came with a miracle I don’t separate any of my children from each other,

my father’s heart is so big that it will be enough for all of you There is a place for you. You are like the branches of a plane tree, but separately, each of you has different characteristics and virtues.


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