Barbarossa Season 1 In Urdu Subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 9 In English & Urdu subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 9 In English & Urdu subtitles

Barbarossa Episode 9 In English & Urdu subtitles may you send a messenger to the Turkmen tribe Alps! Treat your pusats! After all, whose puss is sharper than your pen? The land is taken with the pusat… But it is ruled with the pen . Mashallah, our eyes are always ahead, but our roots are behind. We dream of Yenişehir and beyond. But we never forget the properties behind us. That’s why we will go to inspect Karacahisar now. Buyruk is my lord Estağfurullah! My mother, my beautiful mother, my Batur, is more than a brother to me.

His breath is my breath, my liver and my liver.

You sleep well, my mother, May you rest in your grave No. I saw my mother in my heartbroken dream I hope I wish Black would keep crying because of the curse My daughter Batur said your brother is entrusted to you Al hele – Thank you Bismillah I couldn’t have a son either. You gave me hope, chick, you gave me my life, you gave me my Alçiçek, may God give you both long life, Amin Don’t you know, if I didn’t long for a son , it’s thanks to Batur. Let’s see why you’re in a panic.

I saw demons armed with all kinds of horns

The black cursed deu would roar loudly They would drag my brother into the bottomless black wells. Is it the first time that you don’t let my brother go to duty? Don’t you go to work for the first time ! Is it a border for a brave man who has a gas paper clip in his heart? Makri region is the gate of conquest, it is the gate of privates on the way to Gaza, the keys of that gate are in the hearts of Batur and our alps, girl! I want you to remember it like this, and I would like Batur Osman to cook next to you. He will sit well with this mail . – – God bless you, my lord! At that time, this post Batur will be established.

By Allah’s leave, Osman will be the hatun Neferi,

who will be the soldier of the state who will rule the world behind him! Just keep it fresh, keep it fresh girl, what’s wrong here! Alps! Be on the alert If we hadn’t seen the smoke, we would have remained unaware of the massacre. Is that it to be cautious? We couldn’t do our duty, we had the people hurt, Osman Bey was right when he said watch this place, Su! Who are you too! I’m Olof! The executioner of the Turks! Alps! If we die, if we become martyrs, veteran Allahu Akbar! –

Allahu Akbar! Attack! Little Orhan You consider yourself a hunter Shall

we attack, sir? Wait, not yet. Just as we are about to taste the prey, it will fall into our palms. Are the heads of the horses dead? They are all dead, sir, mashallah Now! Sir! Attack the Alps! Sir, I need to get you out of here, I won’t put my Alps alone, Baysungur Good God! I came to get you, little boy, whoever lays his eyes on my life will give his own life first, my lord! Sir! I will kill you Sir, But slowly This will not stay with you I will tear you to pieces You will not even have a grave

The Alps will beg me to find the pieces of Osman Take the position! Look around, who did this Inna lillahi ve inna ilayhi raciun This is my Bey, martyrs are Orhan’s alps Let’s follow the traces – It’s your order, my lord Orhan! I’m Orhan! Shadow! Frosty! – Here, my lord ,

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