Barbarossa Season 1 Bolum 6 With Urdu Subtitles

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Barbarossa Season 1 Bolum 6 With Urdu Subtitles

Barbarossa Season 1 Bolum 6 With Urdu Subtitles Yannis where’s the vulgar? He will find you. The Yannis demon that harmed our friend has found its scourge. It is time to make our friend permanent. However, last time you tried to make a deal without me. And, there is no work left for you. No flowers can be pierced on these leaves without the consent of Mr. Alişar. Now Let’s keep the memory of my late husband Yorgo Pulos alive together. Let’s renew the deal. Let’s finish the work that Mr. Dündar started together. Moreover, unlike the old agreement,

The issue of union that Dündar

Bey wanted was added to the agreement. Are the items we want included in the agreement? There is, Mr. Dundar. Alişar Bey, you seem to have no confidence in us. You read the articles very carefully. You gave me very important news. What about her daughter? Was his daughter with him?You mean honey girl? Yeah. Certainly. We met him too. Where did you rise? I have to go to the caravanserai, aunt. We have a lot of issues to talk about tonight. I never thought my death would delight them so much . (Laughs.)

Rude he’ll think you’re dead too, sir.

If waiting for a lifetime is companionship I wait. I’ll be back, Bala lady. You were just going to say something to me. Aygül hatun What happened to Aygül?There is no need to get angry, Osman Bey. He is your blood, your soul. What would happen to Aygül?It’s you, not me, Osman Bey. Then what? Aygül has a heart for you too. You know that my heart is with you, Bala lady.

Leave the Aygul issue to me.

But I didn’t know that I had made Edebali so miserable that he didn’t want to see me. I will wait patiently. Excuse me, honey honey. [Efendi is not available, Osman Bey.] [Patience.] [Patience is the door to reconciliation.]  Your father has important things to talk about ,Barbarossa Season 1 Bolum 6 With Urdu Subtitles  my daughter. Listen with your ears. My daughter in our tradition the daughter is the crown jewel.

Because he is a guest who leaves when the time comes.

It’s your time, girl. I would like not on the hillside land on a steep place. Kadir, be a help to a man who appreciates. Today we were together with Mr. Alişar in Kulucahisar. You know his wife passed away. As a wife, he sees you as suitable. He asked me about his offer and I’ll ask you, girl. Do you have consent? Your father asks you, my daughter. As you see fit, father. Barbarossa Season 1 Bolum 6 With Urdu Subtitles My daughter your mouth speaks.

Now you get some alone time think honestly.

The mind of a girl is the mind of a goose, Mr. Dundar. Will he be left alone with such an important decision? It’s not the rose of the garden without consent, babe. My daughter is not for sale at the new market stall. Let her make her own decision it’s her own. Look at the fire of those candles Kalanos. How timid they are, how they tremble. If I blow, they will fade. Our dreams will come true darling. We will defeat the Turks together. Master Yannis will show us the way. We will walk on that road hand in hand. As long as you look at me like this as long as the fire of love burns in our hearts we are enough for us, Sofia. Episode 5

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