Destan In Urdu Subtitles By Mubitv

Destan In Urdu Subtitles By Mubitv

Destan In Urdu Subtitles By Mubitv We’re going to hit the road ahead. Lets. How are you I hope you are well. We heard that Malhun is pregnant. May God raise his parents. If you’ll excuse us, we have gifts when the ant gets dark. Estağfurullah ladies, you have made trouble. Thank you. Let’s drink our sherbet and chat. Let Zoyi bring sherbet to our guests. Thanks You gave the good news that Osman Bey has been waiting for a long time. Only our lord? And to our Destan In Urdu Subtitles By Mubitv Thank God we’ve seen these days too.. Women must know where the words that come out of the mouth can lead. Allow us. If you’ll excuse me,

I would have two words. I had a job too, if you excuse me.

Zoyi, Pied help me. No, Bala Hatun, what’s the matter? Zoyi. I doubt some of them. Why? He told Gonca that he was going to Söğüt to the cloth shop. But we learned that he did not go. Not only that, he often disappeared without telling anyone. I want you to be careful with Zoyi. Does Osman Bey’s wife stop working and spy on the girl who is accompanying me? You obviously set your heart on me because I took Zoyi into the camp without informing you.

But don’t worry, I’m a guarantor. I said what I would say,

it’s up to you to decide. What happened to the hair? What happened soldier? Raid sir, all the soldiers are dead. What about ammunition? They took them all. Damn you Osman! Damn it! You were wondering why Osman did not respond to our raid, Dukas, I hope your curiosity was satisfied! We lost our superiority! We’re still on top! How? Both the support unit and the ammunition are gone! I sent reinforcements and ammunition two different ways,

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Destan In Urdu Subtitles By Mubitv

the ammunition to HQ! Talk! The sultan’s unit is about to arrive at headquarters, sir. To the horses! Alps! Order! We had a good time, your sheikh. Osman Bey prepared his army with you. Estagfurullah, my sultan. Even if our hands are weak in playing pusat, if it is not accepted, with our prayers. Even your prayers are our strongest armor. Estagfurullah. I listened to you from my parent. With God’s permission, we will prevail.

I hope my sultan La Galibe illallah. Here you are.

Have the Helen reinforcements and ammunition arrived? We came safely from the Cendere road as you ordered. The villagers also bring supplies on horseback. Do not trust the villagers, they should not enter the headquarters. Sir, the sultan entered the headquarters with his army. Come on, Sultan Mesut. The Byzantine headquarters will be behind Çarıklıtepe.

This is how the Byzantine army will come to the battlefield.

Cenk Square will be here. What worries me is the ammunition sent by the emperor from Byzantium. The Emperor must have heavily substituted the army he sent with Ducas. We have captured the ammunition that will go to the Byzantine headquarters, my sultan. You won’t worry. How? We inspected all the roads leading to the camp, determined their locations and handled them with our pusats. May God be pleased with you, Osman Bey, you saved us from a big trouble. Thank you, my sultan. Thank you so much. But I do know that

Destan In Urdu Subtitles By Mubitv

My Sultan, we still dealt a great blow. Then, Osman Bey, tell me the information you know about the enemy. The Byzantine army consists of two units. The army of Dukas coming from Macedonia and the infantry unit gathered by Nikola and the tekfures. Malhun chick considers you a rival, Dastan In Urdu Subtitles By Mubitv  Bala. Hopefully we are wrong. What does he know that I am ready to give up for the son of Osman Bey? Oh my good-hearted Bala. So what are we going to do with Zoyi, my Bala?

If we are right, this will hurt my Osman Bey first.

We cannot allow this, my Gonca. Don’t take your eyes off him. You should not worry, my Bala. Let our gentleman return safely and let them come together with my Boran, then we will tell him our doubts. It will come in a certain order from the Dukas headquarters to the battlefield. Did you just pray for Osman’s brain to return? So far, no one has taken care of me. I also prayed for the valiant alps of my husband and wife who supported me and embraced me. Amine.

May my Lord grant us to reunite you with our son

and our son as soon as possible, my lord. Osman! Osman! You are back, Osman Bey. I thought I’d see you before Cenk. What a good thing you brought. Is our son okay? It’s fine, thank you very much. I’m fine too, Osman Bey. You will be fine or you will be fine so that our child will be fine. Let me heat water, clean and rest a bit. Malhun Hatun, you should not be missing. But I must return. Are you going back that road at night?

There is a full moon Don’t worry, my horse will find its way.

You know the truth. I wish so much to be shoulder to shoulder with you in this war. Isn’t your war the greatest war bestowed by my Almighty Lord? It sure is. Malhun chick rest well. You should protect yourself and our children from everything. Don’t worry, Osman Bey, don’t be left behind, our child is entrusted first to Allah and then to me. Have a blessed Ghazan. Osman Bey comes and goes to his tent. (Azan is being read.) What are they doing? Dukas, what every Turk did in the war.

No victory is achieved by walking through flowery paths!

We came here by fighting through bloody roads, we will drown the Turks in their own blood by crossing bloody roads! If a soldier stops fighting and starts to think, not a single person will be left in the army! O Allah, raise the banner of Islam and help him! Amine! By strengthening the mujahideen of your path, who sacrificed their lives in obedience to you and shed their blood to follow you… Amine! Brave sons of Byzantium! I command you not to think, but to die! It is our honor to die! But it’s dishonest to be defeated without a fight

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