Filinta Mustafa Episode 11 In Urdu Subtitle

Filinta Mustafa Episode 11 In Urdu Subtitle

Filinta Mustafa Episode 11 In Urdu Subtitle see the place and take care of it. Whatever is missing, I hope we can fix it together. The soup kitchen has neither shortcomings nor gaps. But if you want to keep up with a job like everyone else, you have a place over our heads. It is necessary to compete in charity works like that. Let’s go, Bala Hatun, there will come a time when Malhun is also ready.

Soundly. Lets. Come on, in peace.

We finished well, mashallah. I have never seen such a large dowry. All the same to you. So, Zoyi, shouldn’t we buy a valiant one from Kayı tribe for Alaca with you? Pretty hat. Filinta Mustafa Episode 11 In Urdu Subtitle Has Big Umur remained valiant in the brains’ camp, Malhun chick? Don’t get angry right away, Pisces, okay. Let’s see, more boxes will be opened and settled in the room.

You’ll finish before dark. Storm.

Sir. Wait until the Mongols move away. At your command, sir. Spread those red covers in the trunks. What are these what do you do? We change the rugs and covers of the tent. Really? Who did you ask? We asked Malhun lady to say Gonca lady. Come to yourself, babe! Don’t you know who is the chick of this tent? Am I not the chick of this room? Don’t you know?

You are, of course you are.

But- They carry out my command. If you’re going to help, come and help, if not, don’t be a hindrance. Come on ladies, don’t wait too. Do you have anything to say, honey? Here you go then. We have been attacked! Order of battle!Filinta Mustafa Episode 11 In Urdu Subtitle  Get battle order! Come on, Dimitri. Come. Now… Enough. If you’re going to kill me, kill me.

I’ll refer you to Nikola.

Now let him say to Nikola that even if he hides behind the Mongol, his death will be at my hand. Go now. My lord will come. We saved the gold from being evil in the hands of the kuffer. Now is the time to use it for charity. Come on alps! We return to the oba. Come on alps. Come on alps! honey! Gonca, what is this rush? My Bala,

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