Filinta Mustafa Episode 17 In Urdu Subtitles

Filinta Mustafa Episode 17 In Urdu Subtitles

Filinta Mustafa Episode 17 In Urdu Subtitles this cover is not going to open. Boys, valiants! The day is the day of martyrdom. Get your right. Good job. Siblings. I’m Osman. I’m Bamsi Bey. Hamsa Sergeant. oh my god. Come on, braves. Hold on, brave men. Who enters the treasure room! Or is it a secret passage? Salvador. It could be none other than Salvador. He took our gold with Osman. Hamsa Sergeant. Come on Osman Salvador sold us out. Siddik is not Siddik.

Of course, one day we will ask for his account,

Mr. Bamsı. Come on! Damn it! Are we going to tell this to Mr. Alişar? To make fun of us? Never! This will not be known! Think after them! Then demolish the gate. Never let anyone in again. I knew it from the start. treacherous dog! How many boxes are we missing? Three chests are missing, Mr. Samsa. There is enough for Alişar. But the loot was scarce. I was supposed to buy new tents in Oba. Now Another influx, Samsa Sergeant. I will send it to you from my own share.

After all Samsa Sergeant guild Our oba too

. When will we move from tents to stone mansions I think of him with me. Kale aha here bro. Really Osman Bey When will we conquer this castle? I dream of conquering Nikali, Samsa Sergeant. What is this place? His time will come. He said he became a Muslim He martyred He agreed that I would be my son He tricked us, my Bamsı Bey. But what he did will not stay with him. I released the murderer of my own son. You swallowed this trick too, big Bamsi.

You should be ashamed of your white hair.

There is good in many evils, Mr. Bamsi. The time will come. But I have bad news for you Hey, sir? Mongols. What happened to the Mongols, son? I heard Sophia talking. Mongols will come to Söğüt. After we settle the Alişar issue, we will move on to Söğüt. Let’s see what their intentions were? Princess Sophia. Listen, princess Sophia. Vile dog. Nothing is as you think. Traitor! You sold me in Alişar mansion You told Osman about the secret passages of the castle You brought him to the treasury room. The plans of the castle were in their hands. How? Answer dog! Educated.

To save my life I convinced them that I was a Muslim.

To Master Yannis I did not betray. If I wanted to, I would kill your men and run away with the gold Is this true what they say? He’s right, my princess. He left us alive by pretending to kill us. He also delivered the gold.Filinta Mustafa Episode 17 In Urdu Subtitles  They’re coming, pretend to be dead. Trust me now! I speak the truth in the name of our Blessed Virgin Mary. I have a lot to tell about Osman. Am I ready to eat, sir? One room only.

Filinta Mustafa Episode 17 In Urdu Subtitles

Whatever you want, sir, follow me. [They greet in a strange language] Genghis Khan’s shadow does not fall Not a single piece of land will remain. The spirits which they did not give back from the black earth The honor of everything will be asked of us. With Osman, who killed them The Alps Our landlords will live forever. Soulless, fleshless, humiliated. Tomorrow is the time to raid all the tribes Suci from their blood Boots from their skin It’s time to make jewelry out of their honor.

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