Filinta Mustafa Episode 7 In Urdu Subtitle

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Filinta Mustafa Episode 7 In Urdu Subtitle

Filinta Mustafa Episode 7 In Urdu Subtitle But now I realize how right you were. Gokboru he. While he was crushing Osman Togay like a mouse that raided his barn, he was not like an honorable gentleman who paid his taxes… …talking to his subjects like a sneaky jackal preparing to rebel against Geyhatu. In his E form, he also challenged the Judge. It is certain that Osman Bey will trouble you more than us, Tekfur Nikola.

Sooner or later he will take your castle at the first opportunity.

Just as his father took Karacahisar and he took Kulucahisar. At that time, won’t the obas, who rebelled against the esteemed ambassador sultan and Geyhatu, flock to these lands like insects flying into the light? The future. Will Osman not pursue the establishment of a state? It will fall! Will he pay taxes to Geyhatu? He won’t! Maybe my pen fell off! Won’t the judge’s head fall off? It will fall.

For us, Osman is so insignificant

that it can be swallowed in one bite! Beware of! There’s a hard stone in that bite. Don’t let Osman break your teeth like pearls… It will be beneficial for both of us to prevent Osman from getting stronger. For this, a strong army will solve everything from the root. You also know that the best Turk is a dead Turk. I told you we don’t want a war, Tekfur Nikola. What is your offer, Mr. Ambassador?

He will support you in your fight against Governor Judge Osman.

We have a word. Don’t be anyone’s toy… Even if we are, there will be a reward for it. A carload of gold has already set off from Konya. If I don’t order otherwise, it will be in İnegöl soon. Huh… Do you like it? Do you have a word for it? If the mighty Judge will support me to turn Osman’s life into a dungeon, what can I say to that, dear ambassador? Filinta Mustafa Episode 7 In Urdu Subtitle Your loyalty will please the Governor Judge. Brother,

Filinta Mustafa Episode 7 In Urdu Subtitle

Thank you Osman Bey. Baysungur! Turhan Alp! Sir. You did justice to your reputation, we cut Togay’s sentence and did justice. Thank you sir. His only goal is to be a martyr where his pusat shows. Thanks! Thanks. You said you can’t do it, but Togay pulled his dog out of that press, mashallah! Well, Osman Bey has given his right to his owner.

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