Keiki Sniper Episode 2 With Urdu Subtitle

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Keiki Sniper Episode 2 With Urdu Subtitle

We need to scatter immediately. Cerkutay Balgay, you are injured. Osman has secured his job. If we could pass through Wolf Hill we would have raided the border again. How dare Osman, Balgay? We underestimated our adversary. By this flowing blood by this burning fire I swear my revenge will be stern. How did Osman stage this ambush, Balgay? Yannez obviously that senile too forgot about the Mongol’s wrath. If he hadn’t done business with Osman it would have been Osman who bled, not us .

We don’t have any nukes, Commander Balgay.

What will we do if Geyhatu hears this? This is now my battle. If he comes across me I will kill Geyhatu as well. We will arrive in Konya. We’ll get new nukes and come back. When we get back he won’t have a head on his shoulders. I will burn alive the creature of sentence in this end . As a child one thinks of his father as the strongest in the world the most invincible. He thinks that when he grows up like his father he will achieve anything he will beat anyone.

You have to go through battle with many enemies

you will be helpless in front of a rose-faced one. Thank God I saw these days. Gonna waits. I’ll go to one. Yes, my daughter. I know you have a mountain on your back, Osman. Every moment is yours. But that’s not what it is. You have another situation. All right. Has. There is mother. What? My problem is Bala. What happened to Bala? Changed. Osman Season 2

He says there is no good for you from me.

He says you should look at another chick. Does honey say that? Yeah. says honey. Bala says to the mother, whom I put in my heart’s mansion whom I disregarded my life for. Why son? Why does he say that? I’m looking for the answer to this question too. I insisted so much. I went over it, but but he won’t tell. There is something. But he doesn’t say. You learn. Let me know when you find out. If for good reason, thank you.

If my heart says that Osman passed away thank you.

why did you do this to me? How did you do this to our oba .Ertuğrul Bey, Dundar Bey? A great torment awaits you in the grave. I burn for this. You killed my son Batur. Did you believe that too? As you believe in Alişar Sofia Balgay. Ah, Mr. Dundar. Abdurrahman Gazi kill me. Kill me. Otherwise I I ‘ll kill you all. I will not put my son Batur’s blood on the ground. Kill me. Who sent you to the place where my Osman set a trap for Balgay?

May our Osman reveal the strife that has been established

Then you will get the answers to the questions you ask. Osman is the head of the fitna. Osman. It is the order of our Osman. We will secretly take him to the graveyard to do his last duty to his son tomorrow afternoon . I will stand at the beginning. Hopefully they will find it tomorrow. Hopefully. Go. Go, stepless chick, when I see you, I smell blood.

It is the smell of your spilled blood, Zöhre.

What you did comes to mind. Enough. Enough of your injustices. Look. What does your daughter say? He says seventy. Seven is informal. Once Bala is now Gündüz. The ones that are not accidental. Talk. You have put your mind to the bread. Your eyes are full of greed for power. Take it. Oba and the beylik are yours. But I will not avenge either my Batur or my Dundar.

What will you do Zohre Will you ask the Mongolian

What kills when we say be in the ninety-nine names of Almighty Allah who fills our hearts with the light of faith My brave comrades the greatness of my tribe .The principality of emmim Dündar, who submitted to the Mongol rule has come to an end. Sentence cihan seven heifers saw that the future of the Kayılar not the servants who took orders or coins from the Mongols who did not resort to any worldly thing the ram will determine the valiant ones.

Because of this one of the Kayi lords will act as the principal until my father returns . I would like to elect a gentleman to this blessed naive assembly servant to his people and executioner to his adversaries. Osman Bey what you do is not in the way. You spared our lives.

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