Keiki Sniper Episode 3 With Urdu Subtitle

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Keiki Sniper Episode 3 With Urdu Subtitle

If Zöhre Hatun heard that we were leaving the camp, she was after us. It’s almost time to Kurgan Valley. If it has a future, it has a future to see. Come on. Non-stop. We will keep going. They go to the Kurgan Valley. We will go ahead. Ana don’t. Let’s go back. We left my brother in the tent. Don’t be your victim. You come back. I’m after my son’s revenge. I will not leave without taking your life. Now you should listen to me carefully. From here, we will take the road with our pusats. Selcan Hatun, my son’s the murderer of your Batur Bey, is Osman’s a accomplice.

The day is the day of reckoning There is no

returning to the camp without taking their breath away. Come on! They’re after us, Commander Balgay. You’re injured, we need to lose track. Warm water can erase our marks, not our anger. They went into the water to lose their tracks, brother. No stopping until I find the place where they came out, Boran. Let’s get back on the road. Brother when we find them, you will leave Kongar to me. For what? Do you think I’ll go crazy again and follow him? I know you won’t look your age this time,Install Mubitv Application

But I don’t want you to get your hands on

your brother’s blood. He is not my brother. My father’s blood is lawful for me, for the sake of my mother’s face water, which they plundered from my father’s back. Thank you, Friend. After all what happened to Batur? huh? What happened to Batur? You ask like you don’t know. You killed Batur and sent his corpse to the camp by horse. What more do you ask? What does my Osman say? I do not understand. I did not understand, Mr. Bamsı, but we will understand.Episode 15 Kurulus Osman

Now the important thing is Mr. Dundar.

He is alive and what he has to say matters. It means that the torment he will see is not over. Sencer, Sencer is also alive. Let Abdurrahman Gazi take Erkut and Kılıç with him. Mr. Dundar and these two should take them to mother Elif. The cave is at the bottom of the falcon rocks. We’ll arrive quickly. But my mother has to live. Do you understand? Don’t worry, Osman. It is the same dog that killed Batur and followed Dündar Bey after us. Whoever this is, we can learn it from Mr. Dundar. Let’s get the sled ready. The order is yours, sir. Come here, come here, let’s see.

Who said we were here Said by someone

I’ve never seen before. Who sent you? Balgay sent Dundar Bey. What prompts? Balgay has tracked down Osman. It’s on Wolf Hill. He calls you. Do you think it is not Balgay who sent Dündar Bey, my Osman? Then, who sent Dundar here after Balgay? Samsa Bey sent that arrow to Dündar Bey. Obviously somebody would do nothing to get us to hurt each other with certainty. This is not Balgay. Neither is Yannez.

We will find out who this traitor is sooner or later.

My De Osman how will we find it? We’re going to Obama. We will take back my father’s relics. So far, the Kayi tribe has not been without a head. There will be no more after this. We will not stop by violating our customs who are scumbags without asking the accounts of those who dig wells behind us. Hey mashallah my valiant.

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