Keiki Sniper Episode 4 With Urdu Subtitle

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Keiki Sniper Episode 4 With Urdu Subtitle

I went to Balgay. Ana what did you do? I asked. Your mother said Aygul. You heard it too. That’s enough for me. Tell your daughter the rest. Gonca what is Bala Hatun so worried about? All right. Is it because of his problem that Osman says to look at another woman? From the wound he received when the Mongol attacked. He will not have children. Since it is to uphold the custom and elect a gentleman then everyone should pour the stone in their saddlebags. The informal Kayı tribe is not a handful as it used to be .

Our herds we have many crops. We need a sharp-

witted gentleman who will run both trade and tradition at the same time . His word is sweet, his method is gentle his decisions are appropriate. My candidate is Mr. Gunduz. We have overcome all these stages with his determination. We came out of many difficult trials with his acumen. I like Gunduz Bey very much. I greatly appreciate it. But the sentence is the light of the Kayı tribes I see it in Osman. My candidate is Osman Bey. I agree with Mr. Şahin and Mr. Demirci.

My Osman is water My day is bread My Osman is fire.

My day is cool. But the gentleman is the one who sees beyond. He is the gentleman who cuts both sides of his pusat. In short my vote it belongs to my Osman. Osman Bey. My Bamsı Bey speaks the truth. My candidate is Osman Bey. We stopped. He ran. We looked. He shot. The occupation has come. We all bowed. He rose up. It became our hope, our freedom, our honor. He is not a brother to me the world is a comrade in the hereafter.

I see the ore in my father, Ertuğrul Gazi not in me in him.

I know and believe that Kayi’s future is in Osman. And Reyim is in favor of Osman. The task is both blessed and tough. My brother is both careful and restrained. In this difficult process Kayılar needs a cool-blooded who can see beyond a fair gentleman who firmly defends his tradition . My brother Gündüz Bey the white hair in the white milk has the foresight to distinguish the black snake on the black stone. My candidate is my brother Gündüz Bey. I waive all my votes. Ertuğrul Gazi’s attorney is my brother Gündüz. Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 14

 your principal power of attorney brings good luck

to Kayılar. Thank you Mr. Samsa. If you’ll excuse me, I wish to reach Obama. As it is known, it is necessary to pull it out and collect it. Permission is yours, Mr. Samsa. Congratulations to your principality, Gunduz Bey. Thanks. Congratulations to your principality, Gunduz Bey. Thanks. Congratulations son. Thank you Bamsi Bey. Batur.

The day he joined the first expedition his courage

would become his executioner. Our paths were separate. But God is witness his intention was not bad. If he hadn’t stood behind his father this wouldn’t have happened. I will take the heads of those who did this to you with my own hands. Ant it. Boy, we’re going to get your revenge. Who will we get it from? Who does this crap? I don’t know who created this game for now.

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