Keiki Sniper Episode 6 With Urdu Subtitle

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Keiki Sniper Episode 6 With Urdu Subtitle

the price for both is death. Lord Yannez it is Salvador who saved our lives by killing Edebali’s dervishes. The princess is telling the truth. Thanks to Salvador, our life was saved. Moreover, he was injured while fighting with us. Go to your room, son. For the reward I will give you wait to hear from me. Salvador is lying. But sir. The rats in the church tired of being bothered by a cat every day make a decision. They’re going to put a bell around the cat’s neck and when it comes they’ll know ahead of time.

In this way they will live in peace. But they need a mouse

who is brave enough to put on this bell but just as dumb. Here’s Osman he found that stupid mouse. Are you going to kill Salvador, sir? No. I will kill the cat.Keiki Sniper Episode 6 With Urdu Subtitle  Until then, I’ll be using this brave yet stupid mouse. How will you do this, sir? I will appoint Salvador commander of the Castle of Kuluca Hisar . Balgay is now cowed. But when he finds time it will come upon us. It is necessary to increase the measures in the camp. Thankfully,

the trust of the people has been restored.

They are in unity. Informal now even if Balgay comes he knows the resistance he will face. Despite all his malice it’s good that Osman didn’t hurt Dündar Bey, Bamsı Bey. Because it would take time to establish the unity you mentioned. You are correct. You are correct. Is there a Destur, Gunduz Bey? Come on bro. Here you go bro. Big brother we have to find Balgay. He lost everything. Keiki Sniper Episode 6 With Urdu SubtitleHe will most likely flee to Konya. If we do not prevent it it will come back stronger. What should be done? What is on your mind, Osman? If you allow me I would like to take Konur and Boran with me and be on the road.

I will take Balgay by surprise before he goes to Konya.

Son what if you can’t catch it on the way what if it reaches Konya. The bird of death does not listen to the mountain slope, my Bamsı Bey. At that time, I will die in Konya. Thanks. Keep an ear on the castle. Siddiq is still in charge. Waiting for news from us. When the time comes we will plant the Kayı flag at Kuluca Hisar Castle with God’s permission. oh my god. Don’t keep your eyes behind, I was brave. Have a nice trip. Thanks. Thank you, Bamsi Bey.

Abdurrahman Gazi will bring Dündar Bey to the

camp before the funeral. Let him do his last duty to his son with his wife before he is exiled. Brother, no one should know that Dundar Bey is alive. That’s the only way I can find out who set us up. With your permission. We opened our banners of conquest, Sıddık brother. It is the order of Osman Bey. Now listen to me carefully. Sacrificed lives for Osman Bey’s order. What should I do Boran Alp? You’re going to kidnap Sofia and deliver her to Yannez. Episode 4

This will increase their trust in you even more.

When we stand at the gates of that castle with our banners of conquest you will be the one who opened the gates of the castle to us. Oh my god my duty is heavy, my burden is heavy. Me to my Osman Bey Oh my god don’t embarrass Osman Bey and his comrades who gasped for you, in front of the kuffar. Grant them such a victory that the innocent can celebrate.

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