Kurulus Osman Episode 90 With Urdu Subtitles

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Kurulus Osman Episode 90 With Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 90 With Urdu Subtitles It’s pretty good. What is this? It doesn’t look like the oil out there at all. I guess the crop didn’t turn out very well this year. Sevcan Hatun, not all are the same. That’s how it turned out this year. Good time then. Calculate the value accordingly. -Come easy. -Thanks. Lets. I was very close this time. I was so close, it was in my hands. It was in my hands! Then again! He escaped again! It was in my palm! If it’s in my palm then you will crush it like a fly. Like a fly!This land is my land. This mountain is my mountain. These cities are my cities. These castles are my castles, mine!

These cities are my cities! I am Caesar’s son! Hey Nikola! You are mine too,

Osman Bey! You are mine too. Do you know what to do with you? I’m going to cut off your hands, feet, fingers like this. I’ll put you in a cage with the wolves and jackals you love so much . I’ll make them eat you little like this. But that would be a weak ending for you, Osman Bey. That would be a weak ending for you. Do you know what to do with you? I’m going to grab you like this and put you by the head on the back of my horse. I’ll tell you to take a tour of the Turkmen plains and see! Look, I’ll say look! The head of the one who rebelled against Aya Nikola is here! Mr. Osman. Look, this is your blood, Osman Bey!

I will make you vomit blood.

Every time someone of your generation tries to rebel, someone from my generation is going to push him over the head like that. Beware! Do not think that I have won this war. Beware! Do not think that you have beaten me! Beware! This war will end tonight, Osman Bey. Tonight. Do you understand Aragos? I understand, sir. We are going to Harmankaya. Welcome Savarus. What news have you brought me from Constantine? I have great news for you, Manuel. The Emperor thanked you very much for your services. He said you need to rest now. Forever. Will you dethrone me among your loyal soldiers ? The last word in this land belongs to the Emperor.

Soldiers, take out Governor Sagaros. Soldiers!

Not only your loyal soldiers, but everyone in the city of Manuel is now under my command. You were my friend. Friendship succumbs to greed. You would not go so far as to covet the emperor’s throne . This is not real. You did it, you fooled the Emperor. It is what the emperor believes. Thank you for coming and forgetting all the unpleasantness we went through . Mr. Turgut. Nothing is forgotten, Koses. Mari knows. I thank you for the sake of my Obama. And the sentence is for Turkmen. When you make an agreement with us , you will have Osman Bey in front of you. When was Osman Bey with me? Should I refuse to confront it?

From now on, you are responsible for the safety of our caravans.

It will pass through your land. They will be your responsibility. Of course, we will be more generous than expected because we are in a difficult situation. The survival of our deal depends on how generous you are, Koese. Whatever we gain from each caravan that arrives safely is half yours. It’s a reasonable offer. I wouldn’t have accepted any less. I take this as yes. Together we will become stronger. I’m so glad we agreed. I’m a fine man if you’re with me , Koses. As long as you don’t stand in front of me. Good luck to everyone then. I hope. Nicholas. Welcome, Osman Bey. I knew you were coming. We enjoyed it. We were welcome, but we thought we were going to meet with Governor Manuel. The emperor dismissed themselves. My name is Sagaros. I am the new governor of Nikeya.


Kurulus Osman Episode 90 With Urdu Subtitles

They tried to block our way. However, we have stated that the mountain does not bow before the stone. The Catalans and St. Nicholas ambushed our way. Even though they knew you were coming to Nikeya? What arrogance is this? The enmity of the Tekfurs is not hidden. But it’s your job to keep the roads safe. Fortunately, fortunately, they made the mistake of picking us up. We killed all the Catalans. Your path is safe. I don’t think you’re here to clear Nikeya’s roads. Since Manuel and Tekfurs broke the agreement, I have not brought a single caravan into your lands. When I opened the city’s treasury, Kurulus Osman Episode 90 With Urdu Subtitles

Don’t make the mistake of Manuel. Go ahead, Osman Bey.

Someone who is newly established in his office must first please the people’s hearts. Otherwise, its judgment will not last long. Are you threatening me? I’m telling the truth. The stability of your place depends on your trade with me. Otherwise, I will not hesitate to raid your caravans. Cenk Turke is the wedding. To speak so bravely in the pen surrounded by soldiers, even when your lady is with you. We say that Cenk Türke is a wedding, not an ere. A woman is no different from an alp. We have no hesitation. You are right in what you say. So what’s your offer? In your trade with Tekfurlar, I will give you double your earnings.

We have come a difficult road.

All of our gifts were wasted. For this reason, I would like to give it as a gift. Kayı tribe will meet all the needs of İznik . I will personally meet the caravans. Where there are Turks, there is no other way out than to agree. you know. Call the clerk. We will make an agreement with Osman Bey. It’s your job too, Gencebey. You went all the way to your hometown, you would have longed with your parents. Since Karabakh , your horse reaction, you came to war with us. Don’t you know what being tired is? Thank you, Cankutay, thank you. Now I miss my brothers and sisters. I have missed my Bey and Cengiz Bey for a long time.

We stand behind Osman Bey until our

horses crack and our snow dries up. Thanks. Osman. I said ok once. I said ok so this time ok. Then again, again, it escaped my grasp, again! How does he escape? Tell me, Nikola! How did he survive that ambush you set up among all the soldiers? Like this! I hurt him badly, Koses. Yup. Kurulus Osman Episode 90 With Urdu Subtitles