Kurulus Osman Season 1 In Urdu Subtitle

Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 5 In English & Urdu subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 5 In English & Urdu subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 1 Episode 5 In English & Urdu subtitles He was sending this as evidence to the Emperor Saga’s Saga Osman came just as he was going to kill Orhan. We lost all of our men, Dan? From! Where is he? It’s in Osman’s hands So, it means Osman is in hand. Phrygian is in Osman’s hand. Go to Yenişehir immediately and wait for news from me. You will hurt Osman. Let’s see what’s going on in Karacahisar. I will grow up, my lord. Also,

I will help the poor with his thesis.

I will do what I see from my father as my duty. Son, we came to this world for a test, We came to fight with the devil, But most of your servants don’t know this. And those who attack you are the devil. We don’t know how they attack, But this does not prevent us from defeating him Because the devil has no victory against the friends of Allah Orhan This land is full of these devils We As we grow, the enemy will multiply, of course. But they will all be crushed first, God, if the trouble grows,

we will count in our place.

We will fight, inshallah, mother! Mashallah, you have the power to deal with this, there is, Orhan, come on! You can eat your clothes and let your ancestor rest when the time comes. Come on, Osman, do you know why he went to Constantinople? Our troubles are beyond our heads, Mr. Bayındır! What do you think? And I say she was the one who brought it up to us. Bengi chick attacked the Emperor. Our Osman Bey went to look after him.

Well, obviously, when he said I was going to protect him,

he stepped on someone’s tail. Those dogs also came and hurt us. There are martyrs . Thank you. Thank you Ana, not a single bite has passed in your mouth. Let them just stop us If it wasn’t Osman, we wouldn’t be broken If it wasn’t Turgut, we wouldn’t have put our martyrs there. Would he have our martyrs left in the hands of the unbelievers and call himself lord, Turgut! I want my brother Ökten Bey Know me in my brother’s empty grave until he comes Tomorrow morning,

I will both take our martyrs and take our revenge.

they are Batur’s too, they watched this event, when they saw the massacre, they wanted to prevent it But they martyred them. After they died, they blamed it on themselves. The snakes started after they took care of the Emperor. It seems that they want to make a game and draw us into the war To weaken us with the Emperor There is someone they keep secret, Osman Bey. before you arrive at Ökten r will go crazy. The fire of revenge burns in his liver.

Their intentions are clear.

We are on a thin rope. If it breaks, then we will find ourselves breaking on the battlefield. But we will not allow this. First we will find out who is behind it. Öktem will remain behind that veil of secrecy. We will lift that veil and root out them! Let the informal operation begin. This is my brother Boran, I am Cerkutay, I am not a sword, guys! I’m not going to beat you. I ‘m a giant wave that will destroy you Look, these wounds are always open and they always smell O mashallah Now we will salt you well so that you don’t smell like this . Are you going to scare the man who has crossed the giant seas with salt? I’m going to scrape your head off and stretch a camel skin.

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