Kurulus Osman Season 2 Bolum 43 In Urdu Subtitles

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Kurulus Osman Season 2 Bolum 43 In Urdu Subtitles

Let me gather a great army, the cows will attack Osman was afraid that this will do. stop pretending if he succeeds he won’t only get to suit again. I guess you guess which squares your turn will come after İnegöl. Let me tell you tomorrow L. Those corpses will come, I want them all, we must defend them all with horror to Osman. We should see their sleep have to have a nightmare but we should see those corpses. Kurulus Osman Season 2 Bolum 43 In Urdu Subtitles,Look, look, it’s beyond here, is the boat. You are Ahmet and Ertuğrul Bey. let’s go son did you see daddy and then he was very young. This Ertuğrul Bey brought him with him when he came to our room.

What Happened in Episode 16 Bolum 43

It was obvious that he called him to be the yamanbeyi, do you know?. but obviously Osman Bey wants to continue the case that he entrusted with his father.. This is why he invites the gentlemen.. Hasan Bey, who fell into our account in this business. Now I have thought of that ba father, ok enough, enough. Let the child take his father’s body and tell Osman and our peace-loving ones. Come very easy, be blessed. Welcome, my welcome. Thank you.. May Allah God look at you. Not welcome, Allah bless Allah.. When Amen comes to his blessings, let him eat in your movement. Yes, now empty brother, then Welcome, Osman Bey, welcome.



The brain that is worthy of you may be right. I hope our e-commerce will grow, so markets will grow. We will establish, we will take our ties to places where we cannot reach me. You can say it beautifully. But it requires great preparation for this.. the trader needs to see the way forward One right lesson the right lesson you sell me. Drink butter or say I’ll sell honey.Kurulus Osman Season 2 Bolum 43 In Urdu Subtitles. Either you make your right halal, whatever it is halal, always grain with my brother. You have brought a few cars in this cost 4 cars.

Osman Will be Attack on Kilachaihisaah and Safe Bayhuja

I will bring you at 2.00 with loaded horse, not. If you were to take honey to Bursa, why would you leave Konya Sivas on countless horses and cars?. Require babe should take an image that requires a lot to employ a man. try my best to increase production and get the goods all others. I will make it hand in hand and we will raise the tassels as long as our adhan is struggle.my duty is to throw away the eaten ashes in a short time.Come together with the merchants and for example, life outside, God bless Bey. Hello Osman Bey, Aleykümselam, aleykümselam, happy September Osman Bey. I heard the news, I got the news, get it, my lions, God, are you ready all. Kastamonu is standing or waiting for the girl to come from Tabriz.

Bamsy Will be Leave Kurulus Osman From Next Episode

And by Allah’s leave, we will seek our condition, something we have to do before we arrive. I will consider the power of all the frontier gentlemen to İnegöl.. Let’s be sure from his opera that when this life comes, you will be intact, Omer. Take the words of the frontier gentlemen after the adler.. We will fulfill it, you say Baros, you have brought it good thanks to you. Osman Bey, good luck my son Damn it is more beautiful with the abundance of your waist. I hope we will do things. What did they say?. Do not worry about the newest markets, at least, Özbey. God, why don’t they still come? My son is Ali.. There’s more duros, you too, mom, you saw.

But they said I wouldn’t come there or something to drink.. What does it mean they heard from before they knew who would come from where. Kurulus Osman Season 2 Bolum 43 In Urdu Subtitles.What did he write on the paper? Günbey This is just the beginning, until there is no single Turk left. Me too, if you didn’t take a heavy revenge to throw wolves on the street. Ertuğrul Gazi son, don’t let him say Osman Bey!.

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