Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 14 in Urdu Bolum 41

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Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 14 in Urdu Bolum 41

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 14 in Urdu Bolum 41 will be release on atv dated 06 jan 2021 and we will see in this episode to what I have done properly they went to raid Geyhatu’s headquarters. Moreover, if the poison I sent to Kayı Beys worked it means that oba is headless now. So there is a big mess in the camp right now. When the news started coming in we will attack with all four arms and clear them all. Are we going to attack Kulucahisar? Are you really asking me that? Let me just say this.

What happened in Next Episode.

When I killed all Kayılar How long can Kulucahisar resist this situation? You don’t underestimate my intelligence do you? The only thing we will be thinking about now is the oba raid. We have to enter it like a storm without thinking about how many soldiers we will lose. we will cut and reap them until there is not a single Kayı left. Come give me my good news. Come. turned into Kayı Obas with his alps. where is he back? He’s turned to Kayı Obas, sir. Didn’t he go to raid Geyhatu’s headquarters? How did he survive there? Geyhatu must have left without waiting for them. Geyhtu left without waiting for them.


Osman is not dead. he turned to the camp. when we raid the camp

Osman will meet. the poison I gave to Targun so if Kayı Beys are dead still there is no confusion in the camp. Then everyone thinks that Osman did it. he didn’t know Targun. Anyway, my dear friend. we will learn this ourselves. Let’s see Kayı Gentlemen Does he live like Osman otherwise drink the poison What am I going to do, Nikola? What will you do? You’ll be prepared, Flatyos. My inner voice says we are going to a very bloody war today. Or is he saying, Nikola? He’s a sculpture Flatyos Thank you to my Lord. I saw you like this, sir even if I die, I don’t feel sorrow.

I hope we will see you Selcan Hatun in Kayi Tribe.

Thank you to my Lord. let’s go out. Gentlemen of course have something to talk to. I know what you have done. you were not yourself. without surrendering his trust he does not leave his obsession. Mind is willing in the state of the people. Everything I heard and knew. you want to be a gentleman. why would you want you to be a gentleman? what does he want from a gentleman? It is to continue your custom, sir. Because the principality stands with custom. You say it, day. Who keeps the custom alive? The bey who receives blessing from God Almighty gives life. Is correct. Custom the better it is kept alive the brain box the brighter it gets. Now you say, Prosecutor.

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 14 in Urdu Bolum 41 will be release

Kut from a gentleman how does it pass to another? Bey is the sun of the ceremony. The son of the gentleman illuminated by that sun is like a month. O Kayılar sun! Your light whoever lights up whose crescent with your fire turns into a full moon that’s your heir. Your box to his heir too that’s how it goes. Is correct. Here is the box from one gentleman to another it goes like this. My children and my brother let them let us. I I will have a mess with my comrades. You too consider your account. Kayılar the new lord who should it be? Son. Targun Hatun whatever you want to say here. What’s that? The poison Nikola gave me.

He asked me to poison Kayı Beys with this. What do you say Of course I will not. Not that will come to meet with me to find out the result of this job. What are you up to? Aunt pause. Bala. Nikola he. Not keeping Nikola waiting. Now you will arrive with Nikola. That he could not poison Kayı Beys but you say you’re preparing for even better.

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