Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 15 Bolum 42 in Urdu

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Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 15 Bolum 42 in Urdu

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 15 Bolum 42 in Urdu will be Released on 20 jan 2021. This Episode will be late release from Original date due to  Turkey organize football match in turkey and we will see in next week Episode 15 Bolum 42 of Kurulus Osman Season 2. I thought the letter A could have been a beautiful day at the door of heaven. I said let me in, this is to say if I did it from Marash 11 January starts on Monday at ATV Subscribe May Allah bless.let me not turn you from your decision First of all I have to bring word of testimony.

What happened in Episode 15 Bolum 42 of kurulus Osman

heart of a Muslim is the land of Trust Not to ghosts girl. don’t betray those who trust you. but tent You gave it open your arms but let’s see how I betray you. The way you do not agree to be a Muslim is as long as you are a Muslim. so you cannot reach salvation And only your daughter may God make .her way clear baking soda flour What good is it? I hope I am looking at Balat. I hope you learned to say the cargo. Are you really after a new game or is it really bought now? don’t you trust me? What I still saw and heard suddenly I decided to become.a Muslim one to one. Osman Bey’s words and attitude made me to himself.he realized that this is such a great and human-made religion you will not mention Osman Bey’s name again.

Osman Did you handle the task I gave you

at least the price was 100 Master the reward for this loyalty of man. You will get in your heaven not for heaven It’s output. I’m serving the pata to send it to hell. Is it too time home? What if you can be brothers. we need to find the determination if we cannot find a player. We cannot give account to the Ottoman Empire. What could not be accounted for? This is what we will make, I escaped, and Mr. You missed it, friends, we made a mistake in giving you this duty. Maybe someone helped him, Dündar Bey, even if someone helped him, in you He was appointed by you, and someone who ran away with him also voted for it overnight.

When Anatolian lands become Turk’s Homeland again .

How to rebuild a person and how do we combine the lengths of goodbye. Osmanbey, this is the task I think your uncle is separately the state I will establish will never keep them alive to be a world state for Turkish khans to be restored Follow friends so that the money sun shines again Let Mujahid Üçok come together with this connection What is there after the press? Osman Bey is snow.Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 15 Bolum 42 in Urdu. That man is Süleyman Şah’s also my father. The box inspected by Ertuğrul Gazi Music separately, Mr. Osman and his thesis will return to me, start building people, write Thank you Uncle Hamza,

We should take the plans I will come across your hand again.

if you take it lightly If you buy, even a single person from here will keep your hair plank business intact and I want to get this advice and get travel plans as soon as possible. This dear friend, we are throwing you immediately. How nice to see you again. His stay in his room is over. Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 15 Bolum 42 in Urdu.It was good. Tell him, and I heard what you saw, right? Care saved, coke Yes I would too but this time you got help Music what the old Roman bishop exalted in this We can say that your great Father is an unexpected ally, I guess God is Something like this nest Father I have to confess blah blah blah blah blah They do really well, every detective has ears and men He now War

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