Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 27 In Urdu Bolum 54

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Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 27 In Urdu Bolum 54

In Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 27 In Urdu Bolum 54 Urdu Subtitles Will Be Uploaded on Mubitv Episode 27 Season 2 Bolum 54 With HD Quailty 1080P  Do not be so damn about yourself. You will be useful for the first time in your life. Take it out. Umur sir, you are a wise man, how do you fall into such a heedlessness and send the Malhun chick to the tycoon Nikola? Don’t you know that there is hostility between us? I sent my daughter as an envoy to tell her to surrender Togay. Hope, sir! How can you do such a job by ignoring us? Do you say that, Mr. Osman?

Which job did you consult up to this time,

and now you can ask us for an account? You forced me to do this, Mr. Osman! If you had found that Togay dog, I wouldn’t have had to do it. I said, Mr. Umur, do not exceed your limits.Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 27 In Urdu Bolum 54 But you didn’t listen to me. This is my last warning to you! Once again you will not act without asking me. What is your decision, Mr. Osman? You should say it now. I will gather the gentlemen. I will make my decision that way. We cannot leave the Malhun chick in the hands of the shroud, Mr. Osman.

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I say we should deliver the takfuru and get the Malhun girl.

Let’s get Nikola out of his hole, let’s learn that the Malhun chick is alive. And even if we can find a way to save it without paying for it, let’s attack and take it, Osman Bey. Sir Osman, I’m afraid Nikola will think the same. He will not want to deliver the takfuru and give Malhun his daughter. The swap square is like a life market, Mr. Osman. We need to set up a game in the game. Do you hear, Mr. Umur?I will take action to correct these mistakes. What is your intention, Mr. Osman?

What is on your mind? Umur sir, you will be our guest for a while.

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 27 In Urdu Bolum 54 Let him rest in your tent, we will take care of the matter. Is Osman Bey the time to rest? I’ll come to the barter square too. You are not in a position to object. You are in a position to obey, Mr. Umur. The girl is my daughter. Can my dear! How can you work without me knowing? You will know how we will do business? Compulsory hospitality does not bring friendship, Mr. Osman. You can be friends.You take Umur to his tent. Obviously Nikola is going to play a new game. However,

I will also play. I will go to the clearinghouse in advance

deploy with my Alps. And Nikola won’t know about it. Other alps will also bring tekfuru from behind. If Nikola tries to be a traitor, then I’ll show up and take his head. Lets! Let’s act a thesis. What do you want?Eat, let blood come to your soul, Malhun girl. You will not get out of here alive, you know. My eyes are only as sharp as a mole’s. Feed your stomach. Satisfy yourself so that you can be in good power as you go to your obit What’s under your tongue, Togay?

I’m not afraid of you Togay! Being afraid does not suit a

mare like you. Your courage gives me strength. Malhun.Doesn’t fit inside for What worries you like that, sir? I have no worries. I have anger, my Bala Do you get angry because Malhun is captured? What is my intention, Bala? You should say so. What is my purpose?Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 27 In Urdu Bolum 54  Since I conquered Kulucahisar What would I say? You say İnegöl.Hang on Aris. Come on, we have to make it live. Hang on, Aris! I’m going to die here. Who did it, who did Yücel Kutay? An arrow that finds its target not only takes a life. It costs the blood of thousands of men.

This arrow is just that. What are we going to say to our brain now?

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 27 In Urdu Bolum 54 May Allah protect us from the wrath of our brain. Aaa ..! When we are sure that we will get the Malhun chick, we will act with my sign. This will be done today.They killed Takfuru on the way. My lord is on the way Who did this, Mr. Osman? If not Nikola, who? If not in cooperation with Nikola I will say Togay did it. Walk. Let’s. My lord Nikola will come. Where is Tekfur? Mr. Osman. They killed Takfuru on the way. Bring it. Who did this? If not you, who? They wanted to trick us. Now get the Malhur chick to me. Let’s see our account in the battlefield.

You have a road to hell, Osman Bey. Captives.

I still have it. Back now.Let our Alps be alive and well. God willing. Then it is necessary to look at the real issue. What’s the point, my Bala You say Gonca. What’s the point? you won’t even hear me How is that word Bala? I always try to open a chat, I hope you will not say anything but tan. Let’s get the job done as soon as possible and your ears will hear again.

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 27 In Urdu Bolum 53

What is my Bala? What job will my Gonca do? Love, my Bala. Do I only think about it? It seems to me like that, my Gonca. Come on, don’t worry. I will remind you that Osman Bey will return. How do you say, my Bala.

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