Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 30 In urdu Subtitles

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Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 30 In urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 30 In urdu Subtitles Look at me no mercy without pain. If you run away somewhere, I’ll burn you in the fire. Oh dear Davut Aga is your strength enough for poor people like me? You do not persevere in hypocrisy don’t. Let’s put the goods on the counter. Sacrifice to God! Kurulus osman season 2 episode 3 in urdu Subtitles  Be lucky blacksmith. Have a nice arrival. Welcome, sir. Thank you. Thank you.

Before my lord you know that I will not be longing with anyone.

He is inside, sir. Destur is there any destruction, sir? Come on. Where is the road? To the Red Apple. What is the goal? It is martyrdom. It is martyrdom. O look at my glorious hero.I am my beautiful gentleman My beautiful gentleman. We are exhausted from his longing and longing. But now these eyes see you like this My God May my Lord take it from my life and give it to your life, sir. May my Lord make us something in the hereafter. Amine. Amen I hope sir. God willing. Is good is good, your Basi Bey. It’s good, your Bey, Bey.


Every single thing everything is under protection.

You don’t worry, sir. When the time comes everything will come to light. God willing then the sun will rise again. Our homeland will stand up again. God willing I hope my lord. Kurulus osman season 2 episode 3 in urdu Subtitles Deh and especially Bamsi don’t tire yourself. I know, sir I know where my Osman is, sir. I know too.


Sir isn’t it good to go after your brother? Let me be your

victim you say, especially. The prosecutor will also support his brother, Osman. He didn’t take my word. Holding the hand brought it to the camp . he didn’t listen again. Since your ancestor, your brain he has been disobedient at that time required by has been a must. About Osman to make some heavy decisions time has come. If it happens while living when I die to go the way he knows right who knows what.

Sir sir Osman I know that Osman has exceeded his limits.

Not that intention is pure. The road to hell paved with goodness stones. Worry about Mr. Gündoğdu what would you do, sir? You know too My Osman is fond of his brothers. He went to his brother out of love. It is not for disobedience to you, sir. Osman from my gentlemen .. is just one. Every lord if he goes the way he deserves what happens to this oban? Don’t you ever think? Obaya we will make a spruce as soon as possible.

I’m at your disposal, sir I’m ready to any order of you.

You may exist. Now let’s create a line of defense. Time is running out. Geyhatu push you never know what to do. Line of defense your duty. Let the preparations begin. Thank you sir thank you. Why do you grin dirty, are you satisfied? Matter I get it now. What? Blaming Osman and you missed yourself. How did you find my hiding place? What is the purpose of such a game? What would happen when my brother accused Osman? Your father unable to beat his anger he would come to Söğüt with his army.

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