Kurulus Osman Season 2 In Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 36 In English & Urdu subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 36 In English & Urdu subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 36 In English & Urdu subtitles We can see how he lived. To love Allah and His Messenger is to live and spread Islam. The more sincere our efforts , the stronger our love. May your love be forever, my princes, Amin my sheikh grandfather – Amin my sheikh grandfather Amin. Horsemen are coming, squeaky shrill hop, it’s beautiful, my lady, don’t let your hands be troubled. The honey she put on her tongue showed its effect, thank God. God forbid, of course, my Cerkutay,

but if such a thing happens to us,

my children are entrusted to you, do not let them look for my absence Repent, Aygül, repent, crazy girl, I know you, whenever someone dies, you will be like this. Death is right, my Cerkutay. Let’s let them come Let’s be on the alert Let the income be on the alert Sisters be on the alert May you be there Osman Bey Like you woke us up from our sleep of heedlessness Thank you, the banner of beech will always continue to be the shadow of justice to those who want to fight.

You probably won’t be afraid.

You’re welcome, sir, I won’t leave here until I find them. They are galloping towards us, but they will be stuck with the spears of the Roman. It’s been a long time. You support me. I am ambassador to Ali Seljuks in the palace. It is my honor to stand behind Osman, who is on the path of truth. It is the cause that I believe in. Lucky is the palace you believe in . Welcome, brother Balaban – We welcome you here, brother – – We don’t have much time now. Let’s go, let’s tell what Ahval is first, blacksmith

There’s no time, Brown hair,

let’s take on the guise of a monk, let’s leave before the dogs of Romanos come It’s too late, the soldiers are coming. Wow, it’s time to fight back to back my Kumral, my Hakki has shown these days too. We will come out of this street in a hurry. Most likely, you will all die, even I, why this happiness is not said to be dead in the Martyr Priest Hristo Martyr is always alive No God True God God Good God – Right God Gentlemen And many more evils are the head of this bark dog But punish it First We found the traitors inside.

Now we will go after whoever is holding the rope of it.

Say if there is anyone who has a problem. Since you do not have any problems, then it’s time to turn our face to the west. Alpine pusats can hardly stand in their sheath. I see that the alps are ready for war We are ready, my lord, we are ready, my lord. We will turn it back to the one standing in front of us, Let the time come, Sir, let the ambassador bring you news from Sultan Alaaddin Let’s say Osman Bey, my word belongs to Ali Seljuk ruler Sultan Alaaddin, my word belongs to Sultan Alaaddin, my word is his word Osman Bey,

the beekeeper of the ends,

I hear that you forget that you are my shadow and do your own thing. Your language is deaf to my word, you lack respect, now you want to take Yenişehir, I am not allowed to do so, if my word is violated once more, an army from Konya will trample you This is my last word to you. I heard the word of Sultan Alaaddin But I will not send a messenger to Sultan Alaaddin You will personally convey what I have to say. Kayı Obası is no one’s shadow. Is there a free state in Konya that has its shadow Kayılar Kızılbeyoğulları and the extreme tribes are all under my rule,

now you should send it to Sultan Alaaddin

I will go to buy Yenişehir And when I return, I will have a sermon read on my behalf in İnegöl and I will have my own coin. Whoever holds the flag at the ends, has no rule O people, we will plant the banner of Islam in Yenişehir And Yenişehir will be our homeland, and at the same time, it will be our headquarters for the conquest of Bursa and Iznik. If we cannot stand upright against these winds, then we will be wiped out from these lands. That’s why, O people, O soldiers of Kayı, for the cause of the order of the world.

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