Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 55 in Urdu Subtitles

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Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 55 in Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 55 in Urdu Subtitles Do not rely on the crowd and be complacent. My father is inside without a hawthorn, keep your eyes peeled. Your command, my lady. I hope you do not have a deficiency. Other than our pusats? My Bala, how long will this chick be talking to you like that? Gonca is a guest, we are a guest, let’s take a look at our work. This is Söğüt. And there are Bozüyük, İnönü and Eskişehir in this region to the south. There are Bilecik and Yarhisar to the north. In our west, there is Bursa. And between Bursa and us is İnegöl.

The most notorious of the kefir is İnegöl tekfur.

It not only interferes with large markets and trade routes. It refers to the lives of Muslims at every opportunity. What a determined place this castle is.  Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 55 in Urdu Subtitles And after the conquest, many moves will be opened. The Alps. Now you can see. Who are you? İnegöl tekfuru is in Constantine. If we do not move, he will come back to drive all the Turkmen beys from these ends. What do you mean by the move, Mr Osman? I say that let’s unite our alps, let’s be together.

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 55 (Full Episode)

Let’s cross the market place and reach İnegöl.

Let’s disconnect all the connections of İnegöl Castle via Kestel, Bilecik and Keles roads. And let us conquer İnegöl Castle with the shouts of Allah. Mr Osman, when you say İnegöl castle, the colour of the matter changes. But a lion who takes Uluca Hisar castle will of course also take İnegöl castle. I have complete confidence in you. Your father Ertuğrul Gazi left another Osman Bey, other than Kayı, to the Turks, so that Hak Çalabım be pleased with him. Thank you, thank you, Mr Umur. Kurulus Osma Season 2 Episode 54

In Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 55 in Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 55 in Urdu Subtitles I hope we will honour İnegöl with Islam and Turkishness. God willing. And İnegöl castle will be the biggest castle we conquered in these lands. I hope Osman Bey. God willing. My gentlemen! An effort is our reward from Allah. Amine. The Alps! Comes from the kitchen! Lets! Give weapons to the gentlemen! The Alps! Get out, guys! Lets! Lets! Dad are you okay! Cover all the holes!

You will keep the entries and exits,close all the holes! Cerkutay!

Wrap up, guys! The Alps! Wrap it up! Father, are you okay, father, who did this to you! Father! The Alps! Protect the gentlemen! Where did they enter from? We will find, we will find siblings. Come on, brother, come on! Where was the doctor! Call the doctor! Where was the doctor! You guys this way! Hope, sir! Hope, sir!

My daughter is informal, I entrust the oba to you.

hold back! Hold on, dad! Where was the doctor! Who are they? Who are they! Where was the doctor! Dad open your eyes daddy! You protected your toe well, Osman Bey! Which panhandle’s arrow is this? Which panhandle’s arrow is this? Father hold on! Hang on father! Dad open your eyes! Father hold on dad hold on! Hang on father! Dad open your eyes! Hang on father! How can this be despite all these precautions,

so much control! How could you say that, how could this happen?

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 55 in Urdu Subtitles You say! How are gentlemen attacked in my presence in my naïve? Say it! How! Answer me. Answer me! Mr Bamsi. Brother. You come. It. This is the Dodurga stamp. Mr İvaz. This is not possible, Mr Osman. I don’t think Ivaz Brain will do such a thing, even if he doesn’t have a moment with us. This is the devil’s work. Devil’s work. How can we be sure of that, sir? The Alps! Get ready. Unfortunately, the cause of the poison in the arrow has worsened.

We will wait for healing from Allah. Will we wait?

How can we wait? Do something! Let him find the healing! Do something! I can’t wait for my dad to die. I’ll go and prepare a cure right away. We will find out who did this to my father and punish him, Mr Bahadır. Gather the Alps fast! Let’s understand what the matter is. It is your command, Malhun girl. If something happens to you . . I set all these ends on fire! We came to rely on Osman Bey’s word and assurance. Almost all of us would be dying. So we made a mistake in trusting it. Most of the gentlemen have already set out to turn back. We made a mistake and a big mistake.

The martyrdom of the gentlemen he had invited before

should have been a lesson to us. Now is not the time to talk about this, gentlemen. Prosecutor! While Osman Bey could not ensure the safety of his own stock, he also got up. . He talks about conquering the İnegöl castle. Let’s forget everything and talk about this! He indeed talks about conquering the İnegöl castle. Will also be. If you want to join the reward of this conquest, too. He thinks well, he thinks nicely, but first of all, he has to find his enemies. Otherwise, our ending will be like

Burhan and Ali gentlemen. Osman Bey also took revenge

on the martyrs. Why don’t you talk about it? Before you become a martyr, you need to consider a precaution, Mr Dündar. We will tell him what we think, even if Osman Bey returns from Dodurga obese. Mr Osman! No, Osman Bey, where is he like that / You said toy, we came. We trusted his word of guarantee. Is that your word? Is this your collateral? Malhun hatun, do not say words that you do not want in anger. My anger is not clouding my mind, Mr Osman.Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 55 in Urdu Subtitles

It was my confidence in you that shadowed my mind.

Otherwise, these things would not happen to us. Malhun girl, get out of my way. Let him retreat so that I can find this treacherous person as soon as possible! Is there something you know? Tell me if there is one. I cannot implicate anyone until the truth is revealed. So you have no evidence. You have doubts. I want evidence, Mr Osman, I want a price. I want blood for our blood. Go ahead, Osman. It is understood. The Alps! The mountains we trust are snowy.

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