Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 69 English & Urdu Subtitle

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Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 69 English & Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 69 English Subtitles We know where Turgut Bey went. Lets! Thank you. What do I say? Come easy ladies! Bud? What happened here? Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 69 English & Urdu Subtitles What is the state of these rugs? What is this situation, ladies? Who does this? How did it happen? All right! Well, we don’t know anything. Nobody has seen anything. I’ll ask you, Gonca. Didn’t we entrust the rugs to you?

It’s time for the caravan. Didn’t we say that you will

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 69 English & Urdu Subtitles stand at the head of the rugs? Is that how you see the job we ordered you to do , huh? Bala Hatun. Anyway, it’s night. While I was leaving I gave you an assignment. I didn’t say make excuses. There is nothing to do, Bala Hatun. It’s been a mistake. Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 69 English & Urdu Subtitles Is it a mistake to be made, Malhun Hatun? How do we put all these rugs in place? We would have done it hard already. Ladies, separate the healthy. Let’s know what we’re missing. Sir, this is where we came from when we watched the Catalans. Apparently they’ve moved. When we had a treasure like Turgut,

Osman would not let us go. Everything is expected

You’re right, leader Anselmo. He will never find us here. It’s pierced. All right. How did this wound happen? It was while escaping. Master Gregor thought I saw many running and falling. These were not the wounds. If this dog called Anselmo had been Kosses’ man, then he wouldn’t have been pointing an ambush at him. They point their pusats separately at Kosses and towards Rogatos. It’s hard to understand what they’re doing. Then this Anselmo also played a trick on Kosses, Big Brother. It’s not for Kosses. He also tried to take Gregor from Rogatos.

Their only case is gold, brother. Whoever gives the

maple will push him. But it is close. I will reveal their game one by one . Hopefully. [Is there a destur, sir?] Let him come, Saltuk. Sir, Father Gregor has a wound. It still doesn’t look good. How is Pastor Gregor Brown Abdal? You have a wound on your arm, sir. It’s like a deep hole. Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 69 English & Urdu Subtitles How is it now? I applied the ointment. His wound is alive, he is alive, but I have seen many accidents, many veterans, I have not seen such a wound.

It is neither like a dagger wound nor a sword wound.

You don’t think it’s cut. What if the animal attacked? No teeth marks either. It’s pretty ripped. You’re cut, huh? Are you better, Father Gregor? be past. I’m fine. Thank you, Osman Bey. Auburn Abdal is a skilful healer. It will heal you well, rest in peace. Your life is our trust.

You didn’t double my words, you came. You may exist.

Thank you, Malhun Hatun. We had a few issues at first. But I hope we passed. Now my request from you is If these rugs are liked, our trade will increase. Our oba will be safe. I have absolute trust in you. You won’t make my face black. Come on, take it easy. Thanks. whose dog are you? What are you standing on my head? Speak infidel. Talk. But I will not forget this face. It is accounted for, of course. I don’t forget. You followed everyone in Bitinya, Turgut. They love you very much. But not the one who loves a lot, but the one who has a lot of money will take you.


Turgut! How many of these are you making?

Do you think you went cheap, Turgut? No no, no. No no. If I am Turgut Bey, I will make people swallow those gold pieces with his purse. I will send you to hell with them. Tekfur Rogatos is coming! You seem to have taken the trouble to find our place , Tekfur Rogatos. You are a simple man, Anselmo. It wasn’t hard to guess that you could change your place , and to follow someone after you . Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 69 English & Urdu Subtitles Look at there. What’s this? Dirt! That cloak of mine is priceless.

In the mud. Why then? I know this will happen.

But why do I even come here ? What do you think? Anselmo apologizes for this. Have my men clean it up immediately. This means Turgut is so valuable that you risk getting your beautiful clothes dirty. I should be in the pen right now. Turgutta should have been me too! It’s clean on my clothes! Why is Turgut here? Why did you bring it here? Because I think we’re doing an under-valued trade . Tekfur Rogatos. That’s why Turgut will stay with me. Understood. Diego. Bring Turgut. A noble man always sticks to his agreement. You owe that bag of gold to it.

Take something on your head with what’s left of that gold .

You dress well. I want to give this good news to Osman Bey personally. [Is there a destur, sir?] Let him come. Sir, Bilecik Tekfuru Rogatos has arrived. He wishes to see you. I will not prolong the conversation, Osman Bey. You said earlier that you did not know the whereabouts of Father Gregor, although he was in your camp when I came. Now we both know the truth. You say that I will not prolong the conversation, but you will. You should. Now our terms are equal. I didn’t come here empty-handed to ask for my friend Gregor .

I have something valuable for you too Turgut.

If Turgut is as important to Because it doesn’t matter to me, if you don’t come, he will die. So it was Rogatos who had been dealing with the Catalans from the beginning . They took Turgut to give it to him . Gather the guys. We will discuss this matter. The order is yours, sir. Tell me, Bahadir. What news did you bring us from the Kayi tribe ? In Turgut Osman? Is not it? No it is not. Osman Bey could not take Turgut. Do not worry. He’ll get it eventually. What does that mean, Tekfur Pasha? Since Turgut is not with Osman, he is in the hands of Anselmo,

Who sold me to Rogatos In this case, Rogatos In this case,

Rogatos will give Turgut and take Gregor. And if that happens, my reputation in the eyes of the emperor will be tarnished, Mari. And it’s awful. If you give Father Gregor and take Turgut Alp, your enemies will say that Osman shows weakness. While a Turkmen lord of Vermesen was a prisoner in the hands of an infidel,

Kurulus Osman Season 3 Episode 69 English & Urdu Subtitles

You speak fluently, my sheikh. If you empty it, it will not fill. If you put it full, it will not overflow. It is a task. However, while Sultan İzzet was a prisoner in Byzantine dungeons, didn’t Berke Han raise an army across the seas from the Crimea to Byzantium for him, my sheikh? Of course, Sari Saltik commanded him to follow the tradition. The Turkish sultan will not remain a prisoner.


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