Kurulus Osman Season 4 In Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 105 In Urdu subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 105 In Urdu subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 105 In English & Urdu subtitles he is a great man don’t say what you think you’re doing but first time postal proxy son code We saw Obviously this time it’s hard to go back Orhan Bey, do you think? I know I will do my duty taking advantage of the absence of my ottoman for those who want will teach the lesson as gentlemen it is our right to know We would like to take the position according to the situation Isn’t it so, gentlemen? Mr. Bayindir five are secret I will share this question with you. I swear it’s heavy you in the Dungeon until

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Bolum 105 In English & Urdu subtitles

the expedition is over i keep or I’ll have to take your head now you say guys do you still want to hear Thank you Mr. Orhan Well, Mr. Orhan Sirdar Demirhan Bey, can’t you hear, it’s a secret Sir need to hear your word if your questions are over We thought we’d ask about Osman Bey. There’s no word we haven’t heard What will happen if you leave the post to the little boy Of course, this round-trip also bends guys Mr. Orhan asked You also talked about your issues. Eda, what do you want, huh guys? When was it a mistake to ask Osman Bey? Turgut Bey Orhan Bey’s answers you Didn’t he cut it, Mr. Uraz, if that’s the case? If you think, the apartment is in Osman Bey Dungeon. you wait Don’t you mind, Turgut Bey, shame on you?

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If you want you can look at each other’s faces there is no need for more words No Divan it’s over return to your trade they do a job again Anyway it will come out soon I want Mr. Bayindir be healthy, be healthy, but What am I for when there are so many Traders around? astaghfurullah Let’s open our eyes don’t hide yourself For example, Osman Bey they say there is no I’m sure someone else but you doesn’t know babe You overestimate me What Elalam knows, here’s me too i know that much God forbid Nothing happened to our Osman Bey. let’s be No dear, I don’t want it either, who wants God? Osman Bey should not keep us from our heads.

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what shall we say power to our cenabura-ül alemin Orhan Bey I hope the power will grant What to do when it’s so messy The right thing to do is trade. It is not clear what will happen to the city, Mr. we need to increase our income Let’s increase it, of course, but first let’s talk terms goods from you find the customer half our profit I want two more this is not the time to bargain accept Agreed Wait to hear from me Mr. Bayindir best wishes be ayhan What is Marmaracik Taqwa?

I’ll take meat from your flesh And those soldiers to attack

the new city they take out So we take the marmaraca What will we save in the Qur’an? If only we had made it a homeland, the brain is in the conquest what is our duty first stables you will chain to nowhere they won’t be able to escape you will hit the archers on the walls Hallelujah but hibernate instead of the dungeon Yes Turan We’ll take your fort long ago are drawings Mashallah mashallah my braves let’s be blessed lets Marmaracik trade both to you and to you. Bayındır Bey, who will benefit our city we have permission This is the license name we don’t have a single wish for ourselves sentence, our property, our property,

Osman Bey This trade is a sacrifice to your way Malhun Hatun who will make you laugh Inshallah I hope Mr. Come on God bless you peace not with Can you hear the sound of gold, Hussein? can’t i hear you sir Did you learn anything about Osman Bey? Osman Bey is out at night and again they say he didn’t come back, Episode 104

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