Kurulus Osman Season 4 In Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 107 In Urdu subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 107 In Urdu subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 107 In English & Urdu subtitles Don’t worry Cantecuzenos Osman has been following me for a while. What, is he suspicious of us? He should never find out we agreed. Osman is trying to stop me. To stop my brain You agree with them but in vain You cannot stop those who are on the right path. Unfortunately, the dead cannot speak, Kantekozenos. Are you ready to act with me as I destroy Osman’s burgeoning little principality? What more are we waiting for to attack, Olof? It’s the right time bro. This time, the reason for our victory will be our patience. There are people coming! There are people coming!

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Bolum 107 In English & Urdu subtitles

And our alliances within our enemy. Show me where to attack. You, like Osman, are in a hurry, Olof Efendi. What is Osman after now? We know that Osman is after conquest. We know, but we do not know where it will attack. But we will find out for sure. When we find out, we will shoot him before he reaches his target. If you don’t know where Osman will attack, why did you come now? I came to tell you about our move. We will scatter the interior. And you’re going to raid the place where there is confusion. You should wait for news from me and not act until then. I’m not a hunting dog, Bayindir. Tell your sultan above you he will give me what I want.

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What do you want from blood but war? I want a land, I want a land land that does not belong to either Byzantium or Seljuk. It belongs only to me and my brothers. When the whole war is over, the positions in and around Marmarcık will be mine. Only mine. I have no right to decide this, but… I can persuade the sultan to do so. When the persuasion is not enough, the person who documents that Marmaracık belongs to me I want documents with the seal of the sultan. Otherwise I’ll take your head when it comes. You think of Osman’s head, you cut Osman’s head off! My Sultan will give you more than Marmaracik. Wait for news from me. There is no sound from Mr. Turgut If Turgut Bey does not come, what account will we give to Osman Bey?

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How many years have we passed together, brother… How many battles back to back, Turgut Bey is not worth it. Gardaşlar We were together even in Marmaracık It shouldn’t. Even if it doesn’t Wasn’t it already a fortress, Konur? Those who turn their backs on the fort have no place with us, Cerkutay. Do you think the back we lean on is turned towards us? Turgut brain is heartbroken, what will you do when your heart is broken? You will break the kuffar. Well, this is the cure, Turgut Bey also knows this, he will come. Whether or not to come is his business, but we need catapults and siege weapons. There’s no move like that No, no such move But their pusats will also flood and add their brothers. What if he doesn’t give the catapults, Osman Bey?

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Osman Bey is coming! Where are the catapults? Destur! Valide Ismihan Sultan! You have honored İnegöl, Your Excellency, Valide Sultan. But we didn’t expect you. The best guest is the one who comes forewarned. I hope it is good? How long has Ali Seljuk informed when he comes to their property, Turgut Bey? Get out. A lot has changed around here since we moved from the fringes. Osman Bey’s most magnificent property is definitely İnegöl. Inegol property is mine! You want me to say and take Osman Bey in front of me. He will know me and I will be angry with him and join your ranks. Is this the point? Valide Sultan, this issue is the brothers’ own business.

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If you look for a traitor against Osman Bey, you should look the other way. There are no traitors here. You misunderstood me, Turgut Bey. I just wanted to see Osman Bey’s properties. You are one of Osman’s brains. No more than his shadow. He who stays in the shade gets used to the dark. Valide Sultan, I keep very few of my alps with me on the way to İnegöl. Episode 106

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