Kurulus Osman Season 4 In Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 108 In Urdu subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 108 In Urdu subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 108 In English & Urdu subtitles You lost your wife and even your son for this cause. You didn’t betray Osman, despite having lived so long. That’s why I want you by my side as a gentleman!  You only want recompense for the blood you spilled! What did Osman Bey do as you demanded your right? Didn’t he ignore this, Turgut Bey? Where is the price of the spilled blood of your valiants? Come move with me Turgut May your position increase in the state.

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Think well. We will meet again. Mr. Turgut! You deserve more. So Turgut, huh? Our friendship with you was as much as a castle, huh? You betrayed me. I forgive the one who betrayed me. But… but you betrayed our cause. I will never forgive those who changed the cause of Islam to the idol of self! Now… you will all look into your heart! You will look with your heart! If anyone has the same self idol and the same belief, go away! Anyone who sits at the devil’s table and does business with his friend, leave! If you don’t have a heart, go away! I will walk with the heartless I’m better off walking alone. We are with you Osman Bey! We are with you Osman Bey!

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Your case is our case!  If the catapults do not come in the evening, I will shoot Turgut’s head! Take it easy, Çiçek lady. – Thank you, Aktemur Bey. Aktemur… Aktemur… You wouldn’t covet what’s mine, Aktemur. Your blood is halal to me It is necessary to act quickly before the bird flies out of the nest. Hussein! – Here you go, sir. You wait here. – All right, sir. May your bazaar be a Sunday, Bengi Hatun. – Thank you, Mr. Bayindir. If you are less available, I would like to say two words with you. Take Alçiçek Esma, the merchants have prepared the goods, and come back.

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No, Mr. Bayındır, what is so secret? It’s a good issue, a good issue, but… I know this is not the place but The longer you wait, the harder it seems. What do you say, speak up. Bengi chick, we have had law all this time. Mr. Öktem knows me and you know me too… I know you too. What I mean is that I aspire to your daughter Alçiçek. What do you say, Mr. Bayindir? You have not said such a thing until now. Where did it come from now? Our Valide Sultan keeps saying that zinhar will not leave here before she has her toy. E I thought that our marriage age passed, I moved, I said it’s a good place, why wouldn’t you be related to Mr. Öktem?

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I hope I didn’t make a mistake? Estağfurullah Bayındır Bey. But you need to talk about this with Öktem, not me. Of course, of course we talk, we talk, but… I know you Bengi girl. Mr. Öktem, no one in this world can take their word. He gives the importance that he did not give to your words. You say our intentions duly We also want the girl when a suitable time comes. Besides, maybe we’ll come with the Valide Sultan to ask for Alçiçek. Come on, stay well. Where would you go now, sunflower chick? Koyunhisar Köprühisar Lefke Tent. These are places where Osman is likely to attack. Lefke is the strongest among them.

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It won’t attack here, but the others… When they lost Marmaracık, they increased the measures in other castles. It’s not enough for you to Çadırlı I will also go to Köprühisar. If Osman attacks a different place, he is at Karataş location. We will join forces and move in that direction. If Bayındır learns where to attack before he attacks, our work will be easier. The traitor in Osman Flourish will bring its end. – Beautiful. Olof, now I need to make sure of your loyalty to me. What do you want? While fighting against these barbarian Muslims I want you to quit paganism and become a Christian. That’s when I can be sure of your loyalty.

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My ancestors, my ancestors left their religion and converted to Christianity. But for myself, I don’t promise that. If you can achieve this, you will become a loyal soldier of Byzantium. Then everything you want will be yours. I showed my loyalty to Byzantium by sacrificing my brother. But I will think about it. My lord, the catapults in İnegöl are needed to open the breach in the walls. You say there is no conquest without a catapult, huh? We’ll take those catapults… Either by beauty or by force. Turgut Bey is coming! Didn’t I tell you that he would come to you. Well done! – Long live Turgut Bey. Lets. – Lets go. We have good eyes and ears in Yenişehir, my sultan.

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Not even a bird will fly there without us knowing. Welcome, Frik. Obviously, our mutual friends have already introduced me to you. Sultana. Here is my Valide Sultan The snake called frik is this woman. He fooled everyone with his angel face but revealed to me. There is no weapon as useful as a competent snake, Bayindir. We will act together for our common goals. After you destroy Osman, you will live freely as Frik. If our interests are the same then you can be sure that I will act with you, my Valide Sultan. I don’t need to be sure, Frik.

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