Kurulus Osman Season 4 In Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 114 Urdu subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 114 Urdu subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 114 With Best English and Urdu subtitles Our Lord, heal him for his journey to jihad, Rabbi. for jihad onworld:way Rabbi Our European world Th;eople we hear it isknow.for a you are nobody we know We know our own as well as oursIeam,Tell myou,ou know who yo? are will you Cagri Beyoglu Muhammed Al. arslan Hamza gave. his heart Ali gave his life Hussein gave his What will you give when you become Alp? Youu give when you ar. Hey, that’s the mark of the pain we bear. We accepted Hamza to my thousand brothers like Hamza to my heart, Ali my dear, Hussein if necessary, and mild to moderate worry.

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Bolum 114 With Best English and Urdu subtitles

d we accepted milheavy.wStandBut your load is heavsleepers.uIfnow and wake the sleepers if he gets up likcounting. Take he didn’t of healingt up ce a handful of e. Arslan, what did you wake up with, our people? up wiprofile, people Arhuman; thason,rEarth, is myrmother.human my son Earth is mother . hope thiWe said, “How nice!” What are you saying there is a curtain on your face? I swear there is no curtain on our face. God damn, we don’t have a veil in the human eye. eye time is ok wake up now AlAlparslan,lbro,slan Alpars? an Alparslan bro are you ok You’ve been sBaghdad; since we arrived in Baghdad it. The antidote brought by the Muslim has faded, but Canada has not awakened.

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 114 With Best English and Urdu subtitles Trailer

Now you need to drink for the last time too much tape distance light poisonous before leaving for Baghdad sentence you hit by sending the book, I gathered the doctors and had them examined. Thes and had them examined. the antidhere;is ready bso, you get here. they did ready His Holiness Why didn’t our sultan come to Baghdad? commauncle,We consulted w. The garage we purchased is urgently needed by you. bought is for you urgently. You havThey will say to you, His Holiness, the caliph, that you have been summoned: “When you drink the deva-i Shafii, you will quickly stand up; don’t worry, put it in a little Shafi.

” Oh god, it in aChieflBismillahgod either chief Bismillahir manirrahkingdomn will the califi come before His HoTomorrow at noon, walk towards Kerpazari from the umbrella door, and customers with names like those there will begin to walk around. t walking around Do you like the smell of thOr is it Amber, your horse’s request to enter his shop? He’ll be waiting for you there, and I’ll be there. t shop I will be Just be very careful, Mrlion-beewise, the lionbee soldiWes are obThank goodness you awoke; we need to move quickly. What happened to you Siri guys? They hang out nearby.

Watch Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 114 With Best English and Urdu subtitles

It’s time got over it Time to move. r place required Take you to anotcity.hWe’ll leavehe ty will take it’s there until tsafety. Youw for your safety won’t stay witho. ngth to walk bro The antidote. will act quickly None I doubt,you have no doubt so . ou hid this hole If your oils are ours, will they be yours? It doesn’t matter if yo. come back alone For this reason, Harput Gentlemen with Alpha Kudu Racmother.uThanks,our mother ThanIssaid,ember what i said an. I’ll see you tomorrow, hello, and thank you. They’re not here, where we don’t look; I’ve searched all the streets and found it. Are you sure I saw let’s have it with my own eyes?

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 114 With Best Urdu subtitles

I saw lets hacer-ul-aswad The Peis Kaaba that pearl the bigg. His Excellency sat When the blessed descends, the caliph of Egypt will be placed where it just doesn’t mean it’s all The Islamic world is also under the Fatimid caliphate. Unite will burn and will find peace. I hope their legacy is to seize this blessed stone you gave your life for. Meate the stoneway.eOurieyes are the way jewel, andyes on this come,l until they caswe will look lreward. we have a rewar. We’ll see still His Holiness We used to follow thcommand.m at your command Today he left his house with two guYous behind him. you left and lost .

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 114 With Best English subtitles

rack of our eyes Cagri Our men are around Alpaslan Zalim Sultan’s grandson’s nephew. r men are around Melikalp Arslan and his men killed and arrestThey will rescue you from yourself; his name was brought to Baghdad. came to Baghdad Now his headfeet,l come to my feet if . If it’s a lion, as it was said in 50, then these two lions won’t fit, and I say it’s not time to return; don’t you understand that it’s not a matter of when but of when not to return? n time but when, Mr. ─░nal It is unclear whether he will die from the poison or not. Alpaslan Bey, who did not exist,

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in Baghdad Cagri witBeytiharistan in beytiharistan They say the busBetween Rey and Baghdad, Sultan Tugrul beyh Hilal used his hand to weaken as many castles as he could. Don’t ask for things that don’t exist, let’s not tell now or lay an army before our god, I’ve already taken the ifvan. Wouldn’t you be willing to sacrifice everything for them, but they don’t read your name? ame wait and see Those who gave the blood of the headquarters tyousstanduhere,Atheyu Stand Here They’ll scatter all your p. If Alparslan Bey, the glorious clerk from Baghdad, returns,

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he will completely destroy you. y you altogether You can’t stay longer infidel, you stay infidsake,nd for god’s sake waitinvolved. Butting iifoIved but what am i doglucose? clois by to glucora It is God’s grace that AlparslaIf he can return me, it will be a great blessing. he canI want to see your expression when you see it on your throne; the commanders who came from this time are Vasfur today and will be with Hakan before the revolution. s welcome father Insecure at this possible point We wi;l be unprote, all Seljuks you will drawus,

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 113 With Best English and Urdu subtitles

our wrath upon us inng to work. thinks your name We are not . Tekfur and the Byzantine army after Byzantium, of course. army Byzantium? Are you travelingSometimes, in order to win, one must walk alongside the enemy. enemy beautiful Arslan is sure that he Will you command Bukhara’s most powerful commanders alongside him? The rest is up to you. to your abGood luck to Yusuf, but Oke girl, if he recovers and returns from there as he said Arslan will not, do not underestimate the profession after the news I sent him.



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