Kurulus Osman Season 4 In Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 115 Urdu subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 115 Urdu subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 4 Episode 115 With Best English and Urdu subtitles I can come again in the same way. No… That’s good. It is known that our informal ambush was aimed not at each other, but at our enemies. Let this good work be a sign of it. Let’s take a girl, let’s make a wedding , then we’ll talk about who will make fun of whom. But I did not say that I would be with you. It will happen, it will be, Osman Bey. You are big enough to forget all kinds of hostilities for the fate of the ends. Let’s get this good job done. Come on, sit down.

Be fast and catch the horses before the fire grows! Lets! Stop!

Open! Who are you and what do you want? Shield wall! Hungry! Hungry! Olof shields are on fire! Hungry! Close! Attack! With the command of Allah and the word of the prophet, we want our daughter Alçiçek to my nephew Aktemur, whom I consider my son. But first, I would like to hear Alçiçek’s answer. If both her father and Valide Sultan have something to say, they should say it later. Do you have a heart for Alçiçek Aktemur? I have a heart, sir. Mr. Oktem?

We know our Aktemur son and Aktemur well.

We know for his bravery. E is also worthy of our daughter. I gave it to him as his ancestor. Best wishes. Good luck then. God bless you all. May Allah perpetuate your lineage. Amine. Amen… Amen. But there are things that will never be repeated. Maybe the next time my daughter comes to my door with her head bowed in tears, then I will ask for it. If anyone’s head is bent forward, I will personally take the head of whoever does this. Thank you Osman Bey. – Keep your heart open. I wish the best.

Fortunately, we finally saw the success of these two freshmen.

This job can’t get in our hands, right, Mr. Bayındır? I’m afraid if Ismihan hears the sultan’s ears… Hussein master, will I take you around to make him afraid? Do not be afraid. No one will ever find out that we’ve been secretly dealing with Olof. Until the power is in our hands. Especially, do you hear the sound of these, Huseyin? Is there a door they can’t open? They even open the doors of İnegöl. So did you make Olof’s job easier? All right, Mr. Bayındır, İnegöl is informally the property of Olof. good. All this time, you have been waiting for your duty without doing anything.

Now you have a job. You will be more useful.

This is the reward. Don’t be afraid, Inegol will be your grave, Olof! It won’t even be your grave. I won’t stop until I kill you all. İnegöl is the beginning but you won’t be able to see it. They won’t even find your body. Inegol is now our Olof. This is our first land! We will attack Muslims from here! We will ignite the light of Jesus from İnegöl! Remove the flags. Best wishes. – I wish the best. Good luck son. – Best wishes. good luck. Valide sultan, Osman Bey İnegöl has fallen.

Did Inegol fall? How? Who? Olof, sir Olof. Olof?

What does your mouth say? Mr. Turgut! He’s just a messenger, but I’m going to smash Olof and the emperor he commands! Mongolian persecution weakened! But that’s not all! If necessary, I will fight my last battle under the walls of Constantinople! But I will not spare the land of the Turk to the disbelievers! If you’re involved in this business, then look for a place to hide! What do you say, Osman Bey! If I were to buy İnegöl, should I ask you? Do you think I wouldn’t buy it with a single verdict! I bought this land with my blood! If I lose in a game involving you, then I will water this land with your blood!  Episode 114


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