Kurulus Osman Season1 Episode 19 in Urdu

Kurulus Osman Season1 Episode 19 in Urdu

Come on, the emperor will shake us all if we lose this scoundrel. We will disperse, you get out of here. You are now in my land. I will send your heads to the emperor. Spruce we have many secrets with you. Do you want someone to call Osman Bey? They have secrets. What the hell? We say how love makes our hearts wings we run fast in that proportion. Who loves the most runs the fastest. Kurulus Osman Season1 Episode 19 in Urdu

Mistral do you hear? He? What do they say to us? But they do not know that for the sake of love we will work in many lands. Then let Osman Bey show you. Mistral let’s. It is time to be wind and fly. Osman. Sofia is here. I will take a thousand lives from you for every breath you take from Master Yannez. I will take a thousand lives. What are you neither those damn Turks can stop me. You are hungry You came the long way. Now I will feed your stomach. Well done, you came. Aygül. Aygül. Come see the master. Look, Batur brother came. He was watching. Come lets eat together.

My Aygül my beautiful daughter. Batur brother will not come. Don’t come. Your brother will not come, Hakka walked. He is now in heaven. Look Kurulus Osman Season1 Episode 19 in Urdu  He’s craving pancakes. My brother came to me. Gather your mind, baby. Your brother is dead. Let’s go to your grave. Let’s read a prayer, my daughter. EnoughYou either killed him or you know he died from him. I did not kill my brother. It comes to me. It doesn’t count you, it comes to me. Brother. Brother. My brother is gone. Gone. My Aygül don’t, my daughter.

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