Kurulus Osman Season1 in Urdu Subtitles  Season 1 Episode 24

Kurulus Osman Season1 in Urdu Subtitles  Season 1 Episode 24

There are tons of men waiting to take my life the moment I leave the castle. Besides, I cannot trust anyone. Soldiers everyone to their posts. I will take all the measures in the castle to the highest level. If you wish, we can dig a trench in front of the castle and go to war. Kurulus Osman Season1 in Urdu Subtitles  Season 1 Episode 24 You know that this will not be enough to defeat the emperor’s army, Salvador. But to get rid of we only have one chance. We’ll do whatever it takes, sir. From the emperor the only force that can protect Kayı obasi. Salvador you will go there.

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If they are willing to agree to all their conditions for the Alliance you will tell them I can even pay taxes. Osman Bey will never accept this, sir. We have no other way to get this accepted. The fate of me and all the Christians who depend on me depends on you. I give you unlimited authority. Osman’s Tell me I accept all your terms.

Yes, princess. Hullo! The name of the Kayi obas is heard from Nikea’s hands. Especially Osman. His battles has been a song to the brave. I couldn’t see it. Where is it? You have heard we’ll have the wedding dress. He is in a hurry with Bala Hatun. It will be around here soon. Well, this is the order of the world.

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