Mavera Episode 5 With Urdu Subtitles (Bolum 5)

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Mavera Episode 5 With Urdu Subtitles (Bolum 5)

Mavera Episode 5 With Urdu Subtitles (Bolum 5) Have you lost your way in the big forest? Osman where are your alps Or did you go out hunting alone? I said I would not put my brother alone in his hunt. I came too. Are you afraid to miss the prey? How much did my brother escape from?  You will return to obit, Osman.Let me come with you. If my father thought you should come He would also give you a task. He Osman? Isn’t it brother? Let me brother. Let’s go to Geyhatu’s tent with you. The man’s goal is to take your head anyway. Brother I’m afraid that something will happen to you because of me.

 Answer me brother. What would I say

Have you ever thought bro? What would I say? If my father hears thisI’ve been fighting with the Mongolian since last year, brother. On your mind I read what’s in their hearts. Geyhatu if he listens to me then he will understand the truth. Mavera Episode 5 With Urdu Subtitles (Bolum 5) I will come with you. Osman word is over. Back to the oba. I will not return. I wonder. We while grappling with the epidemic entering our land flying fire you blew it up Of our alps you got into your blood. Is this your your understanding of peace?

my ammunition? Didn’t it kill my soldiers

Mr. Dundar If there is someone here to ask for an account It’s mine. Of the chinese With the Mongols’ flying fire what are you doing I like measure. Let’s say measure. What measure is Tekfur Nikola? When we’re in trouble with our Mongolian Are we going to turn and look at your land? You Taking the Mongolian opportunity You try to see the account of the past. Well what is your intention Is Kulacashisar Willow? My eyes are at peace.

But do not forget that Dündar Bey

Osman came and took Kulacahisar in your shortest time.Why should I trust you? How can I trust? Shouldn’t I take my action? Mavera Episode 5 With Urdu Subtitles (Bolum 5) Confidence is reciprocal, Nikola. If you still want peace to the rules you will fit In that case there is only one rule. Short for short. Open your words.Ertugrul Bey the contract you want with your mouth watering by typing in advance reported.

We also say to short retaliation

To short retaliation Alps Take Osman Bey. Don’t be a brother. I call you alps. Immediately! God, don’t force me to do this. Brother making. Bey does not listen father does not listen brother Osman, you are a man who does not listen. for you It is imposed. For free free. For the slave slave. Against woman woman. You’ve done your lesson well, Nikola. As it says in your book peoples how you want him to treat you you too treat them like that.

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