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Teskilat Season 3 Episode 53 With Best English Urdu Subtitles

Teskilat Season 3 Episode 53 With Best English Urdu Subtitles

Teskilat Season 3 Episode 53 With Best English Urdu Subtitles Alparslan Bey will be overjoyed, but am I correct at this time? Abalay has no idea why they came; we will find out when it is revealed. Come on, look, they don’t know either. Joyful, don’t stop looking at me. You will be teasing us. Even if it’s trout in 13 movies, don’t you realise you’re already smart, and the similarity of them to a Turkish child, do you have any idea? Don’t do it to me; these are the only ones anyway. Track cam guys too. He Now I’ve burned you, Akca. He said your answer was “soup What did we talk about? Why and how should we trust you? And all that I’ve said is that I’ve written this agreement that he’s ready to curse. Is there any good news? My uncle, you have a prime minister;

let us arrange for all of the speeches, including the foundation,

to be included in the contract clauses. However, the agreement’s record is on life support. It also states that it is current, implying that there is Whether or not Tekru Cake received the agreement, it will be null and void. He I have one more condition that is not written in this agreement. Except herein, no one will know if If someone in Constantinople hears about the deal first, my life-to-life contract will be terminated. The door you’ve been waiting for to open I guess you don’t want it to disappear if ever installed. If you break the door, this is your decision. Is there a good deal to this war?

He comes to mind, Adana. Simply stand inside; there is always someone nearby;

let them come out like that and say, “Let me see.” Oh, why is it so much for yourself? You do good. Look at this conqueror, whose time has come. When it pays off again, this Fearless You will say, “Brother Serdar,” When you see me, all of you will run away in fear. You will look for a hole where he came from. But it is in the interest of both parties. Let me look at this moment for God’s sake. Come to me, I have something to say; then you say, “Girl, most a small mistake, that paper is yours; does it hurt your throat first?” and I’ll take your land from your mind without a mingling. What was in the box, and this time it’s you, did you get it right? Little Soldier, my name is Serdar. You will say Serdar.

Don’t forget my name and my face, which I learned from a map instead of a mother;

let tomorrow come. Don’t say you didn’t say, “I will pour the Seljuk flag.” What will I be, Serdar Alto? My hands are still full. This shady looking for food tree to be cut off, blood honey, it’s my destiny, didn’t come, I wouldn’t be broken yet. My sign is that you are an enemy to those who stand, which I’ll leave in your heart. [Applause] heh he Is there Ha What happens huh huh huh huh what’s up huh huh huh huh this Alparslan is your Seljuk peasants who wanted to come under his protection. They will think you are Alparslan and the most vulnerable of his men.

watch their moments and give them these weapons. Yes, now we stop at Alpagut. Is this army under my command? If you ask Mother, she will tell you that they were sent. More arrive, and a few more are on their way to join us; you do things, but how did we reach an agreement with the infidels to take root? Episode 52

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