Teskilat Season 3 Episode 56 In Urdu Subtitiles

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Teskilat Season 3 Episode 56 In Urdu SubtitilesTeskilat Season 3 Episode 56 In Urdu Subtitiles

Teskilat Season 3 Episode 56 In Urdu Subtitiles what I was looking for will not be found۔ Everyone is involved in their own work۔ I was looking for Oktam Sahib, Mager didn’t find me۔ I heard that Usman Sahib is not here either۔ Have they both gone somewhere together? Didn’t know you? Benge lady . What I know will stay for me۔ I know where Usman Sahib is۔ But where are Oktam Sahib? It’s not me, you should know۔ Do you think I know? Someone knew them

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more than me. Oktam owns a very secret nature Malhoun woman۔ Magger may just take my Lee۔ What do they do? Where do you go? Don’t tell me۔ But there were no such thing with Zelkha۔ Whoever did and wherever they went, they used to tell him۔ I don’t understand Bengee Woman, who is Zelkha? Look, I also laugh at the mention of his name۔ I didn’t know they had already married۔ The same old story Malhoun lady۔ Zelkha did not have children۔ Well, he’s dead now۔

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Oktam’s love for it never ended. Whenever I see in Oktam’s eyes, I see Zalikha۔ But what can I do too? He is the first wife . Man can never forget the first wife۔ You may also be thinking that it is jealous of a dead woman Mager, I’m really jealous۔ Women are really jealous۔ Don’t you be jealous Malhon lady ? Bengee lady, the biggest thing is that we are a state ( running )۔ When we wear state clothes, we have to leave our emotions behind۔ We have no need to be in this negligence۔

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But you have no such problem, you know۔ That’s why you tell, I’m listening to you۔ As long as man speaks in his heart, it becomes a burden for him۔ Couldn’t stand me any more, that’s why it came to language۔ These things are not told to everyone۔ You can understand me۔ I couldn’t give Oktam a son۔ Bator was, he was gone too۔ Now the only joy of our tent is all smallpox۔ I have no intention of losing it. Malhoun woman۔ My daughter is everything to me۔ Children are the capital of a mother۔

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You also value your children۔ You will not benefit by uprooting the whirlwind۔ On the contrary, what it is will continue to go۔ Don’t think more about it now۔ Thinking all this will only hurt your heart۔ I look for my daughter and husband۔ I have given the coal air, now you have to burn Malhon Woman۔ Annie has come to paint the city with blood۔ Now listen to me carefully . When the kantakosins indicate. We will attack the Eastern Soldiers and open the way to Olov۔

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Upon the arrival of Olov, you will disperse your soldiers throughout the city۔ Keep your eyes on the mansion۔ Kill a man too۔ Kurulus Osman Season 4 In Urdu We have taken a look at everyone according to your order۔ Prince Aladdin is in the court and the rest are in the mansion۔ I will drink their blood۔ How much more do we have to wait? Spah Salar Aq Timur Sahib . When Malhon looks appropriate to the woman۔

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She will tell you to come in۔ Impatience is not good, don’t question۔ When Olov takes over the city So I will paint my sword with your blood first۔ Historic Series Teskilat Season 3 In Urdu Then you will go to your father۔ Why have you locked the shop door during the day? Blasts etc . Various accidents are emerging in the city۔ Search . Search well everywhere۔ There is nothing above. Ayesha woman۔ Will you tell something?

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What is being searched for? Mara is a traitor, we are looking for him۔ You keep your eyes and ears open too, right? Their eyes are on us, we have to step accordingly۔ The good guest is considered to be the one who has reported before coming۔ Didn’t Usman Sahib come yet? I brought gifts for them۔ They haven’t come yet۔ But the news has been received from them۔ Usman Sahib has captured Murmarjak’s Zesserman۔ Stop,

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